31 August 2012

We found some pictures from Georgiana's 2nd Birthday (June 9th) hiding out on Kelly's camera, so I thought I would share!
Here she is getting ready to go to dinner, putting her lip gloss on:
 Eating ice cream! She will tell you that she does not like vanilla or chocolate ice cream, just white ice cream. I'm not sure what flavor she thinks the white is, but she certainly LOVES it!
 Mommy & Georgiana Lee! I am so pregnant, because the first thing I thought was, oh bummer I wish that dress still fit. I think I'm literally on a 3 dress rotation right now. That is not an exaggeration! Today I veered off of my rotation and wore some capris and a simple t-shirt. On more than one occasion I had a Cinderella Gus Gus situation going on. Not cute my friends, not cute!

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