30 August 2012

Last Night!

Georgiana references anything that happened yesterday or before as "last night." So, although these pics were snapped earlier this month, I am adopting her vocabulary of last night...
 My cousin Makenzie volunteered up at Lakeside Bible Camp as the Store Lady extraordinaire! It took me back ELEVEN years ago, to when I stood in her very position and sat on a stool that my now brother in law kindly burned my initials onto. Makenzie said she wondered if the NS was from me :) Kelly of course had a wonderful time yelling "Hey store lady, go store lady, let's hear it for the store lady..." You can imagine. Poor girl, but she was a great sport! The camp bell had broke earlier that week, so we got to purchase a little chunk of the bell, I imagine it will find an appreciated spot in the garage somewhere. But, we just couldn't pass it up!
Georgiana LOVES camp, and boy does it tucker her out! The picture below is Georgie almost under our table during the salmon bake. She was just too tired to make it any longer. We had originally planned on being up at camp for a whole week, but we ended up canceling our reservations pretty early in the year, once we realized I would be 38 weeks pregnant by the time camp ended. Don't get me wrong, I love LBC, but I didn't want to deliver in a cabin.
 Georgiana loves to snuggle and kiss on her baby dolls. Below she is holding Horse and Soft Dolly. Her other dolls are Pink Dolly (the Target fav, she has a pacifier that stays in her mouth and Georgie thinks it is amazing!!), and Girl (her bitty baby). Girl has now become "Big Heavy Girl," because Georgie thinks she is so much heavier than all the other dolls. A few times she has told me, Girl is special to me. Sigh, I just love my Georgie girl. Oh, and she also has "the udder (other) one." Georgiana pronounces most things fairly well, so I really enjoy the "udders" and words that sound soooo cute. Like, neighborwood instead of neighborhood. I don't even want to correct it, I know it will change overnight. Like how she used to call herself Gigi, and now she says her full name, or how my Grandma used to be Gaga. So, I just love going for walks in the neighborwood and snacking on bubba's (blueberries, although just today she is saying blueberries as clear as day).
 If I say "smile," this is her face:
For dinner tonight, I heated up some leftover tortilla soup that I had frozen. When Georgie saw it, she said "what is this!?!" She reluctantly tried it, enjoyed it, and then half way through decided she was done with it. When I sat down with my bowl, she said "Don't eat it! Baby Levi's in your tummy and he doesn't want it." Kelly and I laughed so hard!! She really does catch on to everything, and she is already looking out for her little brother. We finally remembered to snap a picture of my baby bump profile yesterday, it is still on our camera, but at least it exists!
I'm off to try and rest, hopefully I'll be back soon with baby news... Wouldn't that be exciting!?!  

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