20 October 2012

If I could keep you little...

My friend Melissa gave me the book If I Could Keep You Little, and I just love it. I feel like I want to keep my two little ones little forever!! Kelly has instructed Georgiana she is not allowed to grow up anymore. We'll see how that goes...
 Georgie girl has discovered high heels and has a new found interest in all of her tutus! About a week and a half ago, she looked at me and said "shall we be done with diapers?" To which I replied, "we shall!!"
So, during nap time, Kelly ran to the store and picked up some big girl underwear. She had a few accidents that day. Maybe one or two the next day, and has been dry ever since. And as of yesterday, she has weened herself off of her skittle candy addiction. One for pee and two for poo. I am shocked about both the potty training and the candy. I feel like God said, here's a gift. Georgiana was ready to potty train, but I just didn't have the courage to take on another project in the midst of our newborn sleep deprived bliss.
What else...
Mr. Levi had a well check up at 6 weeks, and he weighs 10lbs 8oz and is 22 1/4" long. He is in the 50th percentile for weight, and just over for height. He had a week or so that introduced me to the word colic, but thankfully he was back to his happy self this past Monday. I am wondering if it was maybe due to lingering cold we've been battling. Georgiana and Kelly are doing great, Levi is almost all better, and I am hoping I am just a few days behind them. I always get sick last and then it takes me forever to recover.
I survived my first full day by myself yesterday. Yes, I have been spoiled with having Kelly home, and my Grandma, Aunt and cousin have spent countless hours with me, helping me figure out how to function as a mommy of two. The day went shockingly smooth. Don't get me wrong, we all three had our moments, I am not going to pretend it was easy, but it was enjoyable.
This phase of having a newborn and a toddler is tough. Busy like I've never been busy before. But, I just keep telling myself, ENJOY IT!! Of course, I look forward to being able to go out to eat as a family and not have to eat in shifts because one of us is walking a little one around the restaurant because they are bored or wiggly. Of course, I am excited about traveling and sleeping and family movie nights and eating dairy and chocolate and not having it affect a little one. Of course, I look forward to wearing normal sized pants, and doing crazy things like straightening my hair.
BUT, those days will come, and when they do I don't want to be living them thinking, man, why didn't I just enjoy that short season when I was standing up blogging in the kitchen wearing little Levi in the bjorn? Eating my lunch over my shoulder so I wouldn't spill on his little head. Wearing my only pair of pants that fit (not exaggerating), sporting my wet pony tail and chipped polish. Because really, we've got it good. Two healthy babies who have my heart in their hands, I love these babies like  I never thought possible. Kelly and I feel quite spoiled. It's not perfect, I just finished folding laundry that has been accumulating in Levi's room for 3 weeks!! We're kind of a mess, but we've moved past the survival stage and are slowly moving into the find the new normal for us stage.
Oh, and I've been thinking, I often hear mom's say it takes them twice as long to get out of the house. To that I say, you are super mom, I honestly think it takes me about 5 times as long to get out of the house with little ones, than when it was just me.
Below, Kelly working on Bozeman Training Group while I was helping Georgiana go down for a nap:
 Levi's starting to really make facial expressions. He saves most of his smiles for my Grandma and Georgiana, but sometimes I can squeeze one out of him. Hopefully soon we can catch it on camera. Kelly and I think he is starting to look a lot like Georgiana's baby pictures!
 Georgie said, "I want in the picture!" Absolutely sweet girl :)

 Oh, this little thing...
Maybe I already blogged about this. But if not, this was one of my nesting projects. It is a shoe holder with tags (I made using my cricut) attached with safety pins, each tag is labeled with the contents, like phone charger, camera, coupons, flashlight, wallet, sunglasses, stamps & envelopes, it's the easiest thing to put together, if you don't have a cricut you can buy tags at the craft store. It is seriously worth it's weight in gold!
This post is mostly because I don't want to forget this time. The days already try to blur together, and the saying the days are long but the years are fast is SO true!
Levi's hungry so off I go!


christy said...

I love it Nicole! Your kids are so adorable. What a great attitude you have for being in such a hard (in a good/exhausting kinda way) time of life.

I love your idea about organizing too. I'm totally going to steal it. :)

Jessica said...

I can't imagine a toddler and a newborn- I really can't! And when you figure out how to fit in normal pants and do your hair- tell me your secret! It's been 9 months and I haven't figured it out! ;) Love you.

Allie Watson said...

Thanks for the reminder friend :-) I'm sitting here with Tatum on my chest in sweatpants I wear every day with my chipped polish and I am also trying hard to relax and enjoy every second!! Also- I think Tatum and Levi look alike! Can't wait for them to meet!!

Our growing family said...

Loved this Nicole!
I smiled at all the things I could relate to in this post. So beautifully put!
I do think Levi is looking more and more like G! Yet, I love their differences...adorable!
I'm just going to have to come up and visit you all someday! =)
Love to you from one sleep deprived mama to another!