09 October 2012

 We went to the pumpkin patch the other day, Georgiana was so excited to wear her new boots!
Last week we were pretty much housebound. Everyone other than me, yes even tiny little Levi, had a nasty cold. No playdates, gymnastics or storytime for us, it made me really appreciate getting out and about this weekend! Although I managed to escape the cold, I have yet another infection, yuck! So, on top of the lovely symptoms, I am also finishing up an antibiotic that makes me super super super drowsy. Seeing as though I am already operating on minimal sleep, I am very much looking forward to being medicine free and able to do normal things, like drive.
This next picture just makes me smile, look at all those curls!!
Other news... our business, Bozeman Training Group LLC, will be at the Puyallup Fair Grounds this weekend for the Washington Arms Collectors Gun Show. We would love for you to stop by our booth and say hello! We will have special pricing and a raffle for a free Handgun I class! Also, some BIG changes were made to the Handgun I class, we will now provide the handguns and ammunition. We so appreciated all of the feedback from our initial launch, and after hearing from several people who wanted to take a class but didn't own a firearm, it just made sense to make the change.
PS I never thought I would be blogging about a gun show, but there you go :) 

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