27 December 2012

I just let out a sigh in my attempt to start typing...
This post could very well end up being a novel, or it may just find itself to be a few bullet points, but in case you do not care to read it all, please just pray for Kelly's health.
He had knee surgery on the 20th, it was minor, the doctor worked on Kelly's LCL and did some clean up work. The surgery was smooth and successful and Kelly's recovery seemed to be going equally as smooth until yesterday afternoon when he ended up in the ER with what were called "massive blood clots," and then by another physician "caught early." So, until Kelly's appointment with the vascular specialist on Monday, we really do not know the severity of the clots, just that he does have them. Kelly had an appointment today with his sports med/ortho doctor, who basically said to follow all of the ER doctor's take home instructions, including a week of bed rest with his leg elevated, self administering blood thinning shots, and some meds. And, to wait for further instruction from the vascular specialist.
We will hopefully know more on Monday, if the ER doctor was correct, Kelly is looking at about a six month plan until he is clot free. Something I didn't know, clots are not removed, and there is no medication to remove or break down a clot. The only medication available is to stop the clot from growing. Your body naturally absorbs the clot, taking months, and there is no medication to stop a piece of the clot from breaking off. So, although one doctor seemed cool and collected, another did not. When you are looking at take home instructions where the two risks listed are pulmonary embolism or stroke, if you let your mind wander for even just a moment you end up in a tizzy. But, I can honestly say we feel people praying.
I just keep thinking that at the end of this, it is not going to seem like a big deal at all, it's just waiting it out. It feels frustrating to not be able to just fix it! We are aware of a problem that poses a ginormous risk, so let's fix it, but it can't be. So, we pray and welcome the beautiful distractions of our little ones.
Kelly is physically and mentally exhausted. I am functioning. Our poor little Georgiana is feeling stress (we are actively trying to reduce that!), and Levi aka Hot Rod sleeps through the night, as Georgiana would say... "Praise the Lord oh my soul!"
That's about all I have in me tonight. I am so thankful Kelly was proactive about getting his leg checked out yesterday, I don't know how many people at the ER yesterday said "it's a good thing you came in." I was at my Grandma's house when Kelly called, so I was only 5 minutes away, I was literally feeding Levi when he called me, which meant that I had 2 hours to go and spend with Kelly at the hospital. Hot Rod and Georgiana Lee played with my family and I was able to sit with Kelly and try not to freak out together. I say all that because I am so thankful for God's timing, it's not an ideal situation, but I was thankful for the support that was already built in.
I already typed this, but I do just keep thinking of how in six months or whenever this clot is gone, it's just not going to seem like a big deal, nothing truly long term. Can you tell I am already anxious for that day to come??? Learning about this is just another slap in the face of how we are not in control. Alrighty, I am off to bed.
Thank you for praying. I'll do my best to keep the blog updated. Santa brought Kelly an ipad and I now have an iphone, so there is hope that the Smith family will be able to keep up with modern technology and blogging :)

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kelsy said...

Praying!!! Have a good friend here that experienced a blood clot....helped out with her kids while she recovered. Empathizing a bit. "We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon You.” (2 Chronicles 20:12)