10 April 2013

Catching up on the blog!

Just about every day I "write" a blog post or two or three in my head, yet as you can see I very rarely get the posts out of my head and onto this blog. My spirit is willing, but my flesh is so weak. I am just tired, and usually do not have free hands to get to typing. I wish I was exaggerating when I say that I literally pre-planned when I could put my hair in a pony tail today, when out and about I often hear "you've got your hands full," yep yep I do. I find that I am busy in the way that even when I have nothing planned my hands are full and I am occupied holding or playing or wiping or cooking (if you can really call it that these days!) or making doll crutches out of chopsticks. Georgiana is at the age that she likes to get out for activities as often as possible, so we do our best, and love to make play dates! But, sometimes it is all I can do to get us presentable enough to walk to the mailbox. Other days we go to gymnastics and the park and out to eat,  not so secretly I will admit that sometimes I like the car ride because it is the only time I do not have little ones physically crawling on me, please don't gasp and think I'm horrible, it's just physically exhausting to carry one or two little Smith's around. I am thankful every day for my two true blessings, but I am in a season of where I am just spent. I guess I've emphasized the fact that I am tired a few times too many already in this post. I just feel behind in nearly every area, laundry, thank you notes, emails, Bible study, meal planning... I wore dirty socks today and used a wash cloth to dry myself off the other day!! 
On a different note...
Kelly turned 31 yesterday! We celebrated with Legendary Doughnuts in the morning, a giant birthday banner created by Georgiana Lee, and the cutest little serenade of "Happy Birthday Daddy!" Georgiana and I baked cookies, she decorated them, we had sushi take out, ice cream, a family "jam session" I say it in quotes because that's Georgie's new thing "let's jam!" Then a bike ride and princess puzzles. 
Since getting back from Hawaii last month we've survived the flu (Levi, Kelly and myself, thankfully Georgiana was spared this time!) and visits (including being admitted) to the children's hospital. I've played the hospital blog post in my head dozens of times, but I don't know that I will actually get to typing it all up. Spoiler alert, Levi is 100% healthy, but it took quite a bit of testing to confirm that. He was having multiple possible seizures, but after two Video EEGs, we learned that all of his symptoms are benign and he should outgrow them within 18 months. He was officially discharged from the neurological clinic on Monday, and we celebrated with Hello Cupcakes! Yes, even Levi dove on in and took a handful of my lemon frosting. I tried to stop his hand from reaching his mouth, but let's just say that his first birthday cake will not be his first taste of frosting.  
Kelly returned to patrol, he loves it and is already back to firearm training as well. I must say, I didn't realize how much I enjoyed him having a desk job. I like to think that I don't worry about him on the beat, but truth is, I sort of miss his regular (semi-flexible) hours and "safety" of being a secretary. He doesn't miss it at all, and I too am so grateful that he is healthy enough to return back to his normal duties. 
Here are some pictures mostly from Easter. Hawaii and birthday pics are yet to be sorted through. For now I leave you with these. I always hope to blog more often than I do, so here's to hoping I'll be back soon!
Georgiana walks ridiculously well in heals. 

 Levi has started eating solid foods. If it is not lemon frosting he makes a face like this. No, he is not chocking (is that spelled right??), he just makes quite the expressions!

Dying eggs!
Easter smiles!
Sporting her shades for an Easter egg hunt.
Please add jelly beans to the list of candy that my two year old finds grotesque but I will eat!

I sit up and wear suit jackets. Growing up WAY too fast!
Georgiana refers to my Grandma as "Grandma Grandma," I love it.

Me and my white boy. Makenzie helping Georgiana count her eggs in the background. Georgie had so many eggs they were literally falling out of her basket as she ran around.
PS Thank you Ashley for letting me raid your closet!! The dress is my cousin Ashley's :) Yesterday I was wearing a dress and Georgiana said "Is that yours or Ashley's?" I said "mine." She said "Is it Ashley's but she is just letting you borrow it for awhile?" I said "no, it's mine, why do you like it?" She replied, "Yes!" It was like she was shocked that I owned something that she actually likes, ha ha! Have I blogged about how she will say to me "Do you usually wear that to church..." Oh dear.

Our attempt at a family photo, ha ha!

Yes, I look exactly like my dad, but I have ginormous hands and blue eyes, and possibly more of a face shape like my mommy's. But yes, otherwise I am my daddy's mini me.


Anonymous said...

Great blog update, loving all the pictures!
Aunt Michelle

kelsy said...

I so love your family picture. Made me laugh! Such a real moment. Beautiful!