15 March 2013


I am 30, and if my 30's are going to look anything like today, then bring them on!!
Aside from my sweet little Georgiana waking up throwing up today and still not really eating, today was a true vacation. In spite of being obviously under the weather, Georgiana and the rest of the Smith fam fully embraced Kauai and the South shore. We are in love with Poipu!
Today was:
A train ride through an old sugar cane plantation. Feeding crazy looking pigs, goats and chickens. Passing up eating 'farm to table' oxtail soup. Eating at a literal hole in the wall and enjoying every bite, mixed plate lunch for all! Splashing with Georgiana, snuggling Levi on the beach while he took a long nap and watching Georgiana and Kelly build sand castles and throw the football around.
Feasting at Keiko's, spinach artichoke dip, kale salad with perfect tropical pairings I cannot remember, macadamia crusted opah, sour cream and chive mashed potatoes and HULA PIE! Levi played in his car seat for 1 1/2 courses and then wiggled in my arms the rest of the meal. He was cracking up and entertaining all in his onesie with a tie on it, sort of super cute. Georgiana sang Happy Birthday to me at the restaurant, it was a solo complete with "cha cha cha!" I could have cried, if I would have just let myself, I would have been mush at the table. I held my wiggly little boy and looked at my husband holding my sweet girl, I am spoiled, beyond blessed, and today was full of reminders of the many many things I have to be thankful for.
Thank you to my friends and family on the mainland, for all the wonderful birthday wishes, this birthday has made me reflect so much on time. How I've spent it so far, and how I will spend it in the future. I think for me it has been a journey of enjoying and enduring, both of which are not always easy, but I think are both necessary. That is not as poetic as I was thinking it would be, but you get the idea. Kelly, bless his heart I love him to pieces, but he is snoring SO loud right now I can hardly think, ha ha!
Anyway, I will probably not be posting much more until we are back on the mainland, we actually had time to RELAX today, which was crazy. We didn't expect to be relaxing while vacationing with our 2.0's, but if given the chance again we are going to embrace it.
Love to all and ALOHA!
Georgie's been saying Aloha to everyone, oh my cuteness!

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Stefanie said...

Yay for being 30!! You rang 30 in with style!