28 April 2013

Smiles are infectious, especially from these two!
Random note: Georgiana refers to houses under construction as "broken houses." It's adorable. Also, her princess castle is a princess hospital and for some reason Snow White is actually baby Jesus...
Things that I don't want to forget. Also, Levi presses his thumb against his pacifier like he is sucking his thumb. He still gags and refuses most food, not that you would know by his physique, but tonight he sucked on his prune covered bib and seemed to enjoy the flavor. He is still in the 50% for height and 25% for weight. He's been weighed at the hospital, the neuro clinic and at his pediatrician's office, so the scales are not off. Kelly looked at one doctor and asked, then what does the 100% look like??? She responded with "You're telling me!"
He's a cuddly, sweet, chill little guy, with rolls on his legs and the most kissable cheeks ever! He LOVES to give kisses and I soak them all up, quite literally sometimes!
We continue to feel spoiled by their fun personalities, what a blessing to have all these smiles and laughter fill our home! The Lord knows we need it :)

 Family, doesn't this next picture of Georgiana look just like Makenzie!?! 
And, a little tiny bathrobe, overload of cuteness!
 Morning story time with Georgiana.
Beautiful light and the best morning hair ever!

 Oh stage, how I've missed you.
I was blessed with such a fun opportunity to help out with a Ladies' event at my church, a spoof on the Regis & Kelly show. I played Kelly Rippa and had a blast!
 Attempting to impersonate Kelly's model walk:

 The best faux Regis I could have hoped for!
I am so thankful for the opportunity I was given to perform. I miss acting A LOT, and I hope and pray for more opportunities like this. Theatre normally requires so much rehearsal time, that it is just not feasible for me right now, but this was one meeting that I got to bring my kids to, one rehearsal night and the performance. That's about all my schedule can flex to right now, especially with my baby boy still refusing bottles! Anyway, it was so much fun, we interviewed ladies from our church with segments on, small groups, a marriage/family psychologist, exercise/running enthusiast, free family summer activities, and a very brave woman shared her testimony about how the Lord brought her through her battle with cancer. A packed night!
Another aspect that was so much fun was having Georgiana there to watch! I was surprised to hear how long she actually watched the show, then of course she played with daddy and brother in the nursery, but I was so happy to share with her a different aspect of mommy. It was nice to be out of my sweats and learn to walk in the tallest heels ever!
One last note, there was a little fashion show with the summer activities segment, and a couple of the 5 year old girls asked if that was my real hair??? I am so thankful my $17.00 Party City Wig is not my real hair. I'm not sure if blonds really have more fun, I was asked that a few times this morning, but I'm thinking girls wearing sassy heels and pencil skirts might, ha!

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Anonymous said...

I am loving all the new post and pictures! Yes, I see a little Makenzie in that picture of Georgie Girl. Love, Aunt Michelle