06 May 2013


Thursday we headed to the beach, on a hunt for crabs. We turned over many rocks and found ZERO crabs, what in the world!?! We managed to still have loads of fun. Barbecue picnic lunch, with an entertaining late 60's man wearing his speedo in the background. Mind you, Thursday was not rainy, but definitely not hot like the weekend weather...
 After not finding any crabs, Georgiana came up with "Feeding the water!!" She was SO entertained by this, it was cracking Kelly and I up! She was scooping up wet sand in her shovel and running it out to the water and flinging it in. I'm "Feeding the water!!" she yelled, almost like a war cry, ha!
Her face says it all, pure delight. She's feeding the Sound in all these pics, as you can see, it was a big job:

 We switched into some dry play clothes and went for a little hike/walk.
 Yes, these two FREAK me out. I have no doubt Kelly has at least one future zipline buddy, as I tried to call it quits, Georgiana said "let's do it again!"
 The rest of the weekend was filled.
Helping close friends move into their new house.
Yard work. Moss killer on the roof. Kelly getting stuck on the roof. Carrying a giant ladder to assist Kelly. Me confirming that I am probably not cut out to be a firefighter.
Playing at the park. Putting our feet in the freezing lake.
Spending the afternoon in Kirkland. We met our friend Lindsey and a few others for lunch and Georgiana's first play! Rapunzel. It was adorably suited for toddlers/young children. Georgie was singing one of the songs all day today. I couldn't help but remember all the plays my mom took me to growing up, I have always LOVED live theatre. I'll even take it in all its uber cheezy interactive children's theatre style! I can't forget Georgiana yelling out to Rapunzel to "Be kind!" She didn't approve of Rapunzel's tone to the prince.
First barbecued hamburgers and corn on the cob of the year. Yum.
May I please encourage you to be brave and not buy the frozen hamburger patties. Nearly 9 years ago when I got married and started to really try and cook, I had to wear disposable plastic gloves when I touched any raw protein. And, most of the time I couldn't eat it after I cooked it, it just grossed me out.
Fast forward 9 years later, I finally made my own hamburger patties (sans gloves even!!) and it was SO easy. I self talked (literally out loud), the whole time I made the patties, but even after repeating over and over "I can't believe I'm doing this!!" I was so thankful I did, they were delish.
Top off the weekend with church, pool time (freezing kiddie pool in our backyard), and some family fajitas, and I would say we had a mighty fine few days! Somehow during all of this Kelly also had to work nearly 20 hours of overtime. I wish I was exaggerating when I say neither of us sleeps, someday...
For now, I leave you with some more pics. The next two do require a little explanation. Georgiana was playing upstairs and informed me that she was going to go pack for school. She had her little zebra backpack on, and I assumed she was going to grab pens and paper etc. Ha, silly mommy!
I walked into her room to find nearly all of her clothes from her dresser piled on her floor. Before I could say "Georgiana Lee what..." she very proudly said "I'm packing for school like the girls!"
Let me translate, pretend school was apparently college not preschool, and "the girls" are our cousins Ashley and Makenzie. Needless to say, we just laughed!!
 And when I asked her to please look at mommy:
 How does he get SOOOOO messy? I turned away for a second, only to look back and find Levi using his prunes as 101 Dalmatian "Patch" face paint!!

Good night :)

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I love feeding "feeding the water" and that Georgie is packing like the girls!