30 May 2013

What a Week!

Fly into Las Vegas (because we are flying on miles and Phoenix was FULL). Road trip to Phoenix. It was totally worth it to see family, but it was a true road trip from... Let me just say, Levi was given a suppository the day before, yeah. 
Hang out with cousin Corbin and Uncle Scott (Kelly's uncle). Eat awesome food. Cheer like crazy for Corbin at his graduation. Slowly slowly adjust to the desert heat. Take a ton of pics (only to have camera quit working later, hence no Phoenix pics on blog post). 
Embark on road trip 2 of 3 to visit my sister and her family. Playtime. Pool time. Laugh and relax (as much as is possible with kiddos). In & Out. Purchase a point and shoot at the Walmart. Go to Oatman (that's a post on it's own, hopefully I'll get to it soon, it's worth blogging about for sure!!).  Feed some burros. Look at Uncle Ben's helicopter. Eat cookies, more pool, play, enjoy. And... get attacked by sister's 'mild natured' feline. I am afraid of cats, this trip did not help. Lovely.
Leave at the crack of dawn (we learned a lot taking 3 road trips in one week) for the 3rd and final road trip. Make fabulous time. Collective sigh. 
Disney California Adventure. Disneyland. Sleep a bit, unswaddled for little Levi. 
Airplane ride home (praise the Lord for a short flight and easy drive home from the airport).
Phew. It was a doozy of a trip. We asked a lot of our little ones, they were champs, tired whiny and tearful at times, but grinning and giggling at others, overall I will say again that it was worth the driving and packing up every few days, but I think in the future I'd much prefer one little trip at a time. 
It's good to be home.
I'm going to let the pics do the rest of the talking. 
I am going to try and catch up on some sleep. I just remembered Georgiana spilled a bag of granola on my bed this morning, I better muster the energy to change the sheets. 
Sweet Dreams :)

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