15 May 2013

Georgiana's informed me that she is done 'working' absolutely no more pics and photo shoots. She has turned down two photo shoots, and it has taken every fiber in my body not to turn into a stage mom. I am embarrassed at how much I really loved my time on set with her! It's a bummer because up until recently, she LOVED it too! I realize she's only 2, and her mind could change, but for now I am going to miss the curls and the dresses and the professional pictures, just watching Georgie girl do her thing.
At Georgiana's last go see little Levi was flirting it up with the creative director, so maybe my days of beaming over my little ones on set aren't totally on hold...
It's silly I know, but I just thought I'd blog it, journal the day my two year old growled at an older model and made it very clear that she had a change of heart. The owner of the clothing line literally begged her for a test shot, Georgiana refused, and the owner said "well, you know where to find us."
Cest la vie.

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