12 June 2013

Curious Georgiana Turns THREE!

Georgiana turned 3 years old on June 9th, crazy I tell you!!
She chose a Curious George themed party at one of her favorite places, "gynastics," please notice no "m" in the word :)
Pre-party, getting psyched up!!
Drum Roll please for the Smith boys...
Yes that would be Kelly starring as The Man in the Yellow Hat and Levi playing the role of Curious George!
 I HIGHLY recommend Roach Gymnastics for a party location. The service was outstanding, and they handle SO much of the party. They even unloaded our truck for us and poured juice for the kiddos. They clean up and provide some of the decor, like below:
 Roach also provided balloons, and we tied them to a new Curious George stuffed animal, who Georgiana has named Levi. You can also see the favors (which I had a lot of fun with) hanging out on the table. I am just going to vent for one moment, I really really really miss my nice camera. I am kicking myself for not getting it fixed before the party. Blurry pics galore. Okay, I'm done, back to the pics.
 My favorite decoration by far was the Man with the Yellow Hat place settings. Yellow dessert plate with a yellow cup upside down on top with electrical tape around the cup. So simple and so so cute! I also printed out a Curious George birthday coloring sheet from pbskids.com and had crayons in Curious George cups on the tables. That seemed to be a hit as well, I'll probably do that again at future parties. PBS also had confetti printables (free), which I used along with my cricket to make little straw attachments, again simple, cute and fun!
 Such sports!!
 Oh my sweet little guy.
Georgiana had two gymnastic requests, the bouncy trampoline that Levi is sitting on in the picture above and the parachute!
 Couldn't get enough of both my little Smith's!
Play time!
 So much to do!
 The foam pit.

 After an hour of playtime, it was 30 plus minutes of party time: snack, singing, cake and presents.
 I LOVE little kids in party hats, adorable.
 Cupcakes with Curious George "wedding rings" as Georgiana called them.

 My 3 year old!

 They slept really well that afternoon!!
 A sign of a successful party!
This goes without saying, but aren't the best parts of a party the person you are celebrating and the people you get to celebrate with!?! 
Answer: yes, so true.  
Still, here are some party details I would be Curious to know...
Party City and other party stores are discontinuing the Curious George party line, I am assuming a new one is going to emerge, but just a heads up to order what you can online and order it soon-ish.
Anyway, I found the invitations and favor labels on etsy. The cupcake rings were the best price on ebay and Party City still has some limited amounts of napkins etc. I found enough napkins for her family dinner, but they were pretty scarce. Oh, and I added the 3 to Georgiana's shirt using Curious George fabric from Walmart and her Curious George bow came from etsy.
 For the favors I bought little sand pails with shovels and filled them with a banana, crazy straw, bouncy ball (this was very important to Miss Georgiana Lee), Curious George fruit snacks, bubbles and some shreds for filler. Each came to a grand total of $2.75 including the label which was the 2nd most expensive item. I thought that wasn't too shabby!
 Invite Sample:
Oh, and we had a new copy of Curious George and the Birthday Surprise book that people signed as a memory book for Georgiana. About half the guests remembered to sign. Considering most everyone was wrangling one or more little ones, I would call that a success.
On Sunday, Georgiana walked into Levi's room as I was rocking him and she asked me "am I three years old!?!" She's asked me every morning since, "am I still three years old?" 
Oh, and completely random. Today she was asking about some of the neighbor kids who go to school and she asked me if they went to "preschool, Sunday school or Monday school??" Precious.

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