12 June 2013

Family Dinner 4 o'clock!

The days before her party, Georgiana was telling anyone and everyone about her "Family dinner at 4 o'clock!" To say she was excited was an understatement. The menu:
Georgiana's favorite dish - Grandma Grandma's (my Grandma's) Homemade Macaroni & Cheese,
Garlic Bread,
Parisian Salad Mix (Costco) with diced apples,
Barbecued Chicken & Apple Sausages,
Chips & Salsa for a little pre-dinner warm up. 
As for the cake: Alberson's white cake with strawberry filling and whipped icing paired with Tillamok strawberry ice cream. 
Yes, we were FULL.
These first few pics are simply here because I adore them:

 I was so tired from a weekend of festivities I didn't even notice the party banner fell right by the cake, ha!

 Georgiana's first pair of Joe's!! I don't even have a pair, ha ha!
 Probably the only 3 year old to ask for a bird house for her birthday. As you can see she LOVES it. 
Did I ever blog about the "toy car pressure washer" that she asked for. She described it in great detail. When I gently told her that I didn't think it existed, she informed me, "Mom, I saw it online."
She sounded so confident about this, that for half a second I thought, oh my word, did she really!?!
I'm trying hard not to complain about the quality of the pictures, but honestly look at the cuteness potential of this next one!
 A ring for every finger, check!
Two tiaras, check!

 My brother, aka Uncle Josh and little Levi:
 Georgiana and her new baby carrier. She's been bouncing and loving on her babies full time, she likes to put this on and grab her shopping cart and wristlet and off she goes!!
 Another successful party!

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