25 June 2013

Father's Day & the Nash Maiden Voyage

As soon as the sun was up, Georgiana wanted to give Kelly his Father's Day card, she picked it out a week in advance (which is like a year for a 1 year old), and she was SOOOO excited.
It was a sound card, it played a song from the Rocky soundtrack, the batteries are quite impressive, she was jammin' to it today, I hoped, I mean thought it would have tuckered out by now :)
After gifts and a Starbucks run, we headed out to Alder Lake to take our trailer on it's maiden voyage. We wanted to just give it a try for one night before our big trip we took this past weekend. We are so thankful that we did, we realized we didn't have a proper water attachment, and we made a huge list of things to stock the trailer with. 
In the picture below, Georgiana is wearing the superwoman/crown from her little camping chair. Our friend Lindsey got her the cutest chair for her birthday, and it has already been well used! And, Levi waves, all the time, it is one of those things as a mommy it melts my heart every single time.
We had just finished dinner, and we hadn't cleaned up yet, looks like we keep a classy and clean site... But, I liked the picture still.
I tried to sneak a picture, but I didn't factor in the flash. 
Kelly and Georgiana reading books at bedtime in Georgiana's bunk.
 I couldn't choose between the two pictures, I love them both.
My girl who loves mealtime!
My boy who detests meal time!
 And a very tired mommy. One of the things I added to the list of must haves for the trailer was better bedding. Fluffier pillows and a mattress pad. I slept much much better this past weekend than I did on Father's Day.
Kelly really wanted a family shot of our first trip. This is not an attractive angle for anyone, but we weren't willing to change position and wake Levi up, so Georgiana and Kelly just climbed on in and joined us .
 And the poo pic. Complete with pink dishwashing gloves, the only color Safeway had. Thank you Safeway for contributing to the humor of the photo (although the gloves broke and we now are stocked with disposable ones), and thank you Mr. Steve from Sumner RV who just happened to be camping with his family and drove by just in time to say hello to us and offer a much needed helping hand. He exemplified why we love and recommend Sumner RV to anyone looking for an rv!!
Happy Father's Day Kelly!!
We usually try to abide by the motto if you gotta flaunt it, you don't got it, ha! But, Kelly I must flaunt a little, these pictures speak for themselves, you are the greatest Dad ever. Love you and thank you.

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