26 June 2013

Go Dave, Go Jeff!

 Levi was honestly smiling for the camera, he was having a blast giggling with a 10 month old little boy at the table next to us. Built in playmate.
Levi has one tooth, his bottom right front tooth. Georgiana's been reminding me to "brush his tooth." I love that, tooth singular, only for a short period of time does one only have one tooth!
Levi is a happy little camper. A cuddly little guy too, the happy and cuddly kind of go hand in hand. Although he was entertained by the baby for a bit, it lost it's luster and he was only happy once he was bouncing in our arms. He moves, a lot. Not conventionally. He doesn't go into the crawling position from laying on his tummy, he chooses to dive into the crawling position from a sitting one. He doesn't really scoot or crawl, he's much quicker at either rolling or if in the sitting position he will turn circles on his bum to get to where he wants to go. He pulls himself up and likes to jump and jump and jump. However, he was horrified of his giant jumping toy, so we sold it at our garage sale. 
He's funny and playful. Starting to eat some food other than mommy milk, praise the Lord!! Refuses a spoon, just eats like a little fish off of our fingers or puts food in his own mouth. 
Georgiana will still correct us if we say 'my baby.' 
He's our baby mommy, we have to share!! Ha ha, she also tells him that they are best friends, and I pray it is true forever and ever. Did I already blog about Georgiana saying she and Levi will be traveling buddies?? Just in case I didn't, I don't want to forget it. She's heard a lot of travel talk lately and she informed me that she and Levi will be traveling buddies when they are older, and don't worry momma, we'll hold hands and look both ways before we cross the street.

 Levi's gummy smile pictures were taken at Tito's in Coeur D'Alene, ID. We spent the weekend in CDA cheering on a couple of friends competing in the Ironman Race. Tito's was as delicious as we remembered it, and next time I just might try to order the kids macaroni and cheese, it is crazy crazy good. The next day I asked Georgiana if she wanted me to heat up her macaroni and cheese leftovers and she asked "did Grandma Grandma make it?" I said no, it was from the restaurant, she decided on a sandwich and I ate the leftovers. Tito's is super tasty, but even my 3 year old knows nothing beats Grandma's!
Feeding ducks and geese. Thank you Levi for sharing your cheerios, made Georgiana's day.
 She was so cute trying to make sure each goose got one, "no no honey, you already had some, share with the udder geese's." And, she's still talking about the kids who were laying on the poop!! She was horrified. So was I. Shirtless, laying on the feces. 
 We try to plan activities that the kids will enjoy, but Kelly and I both knew the day of the race was going to be long for them, but still we decided to give it a shot. They were troopers.
Here we are about 6am, we parked and then jogged about 1 mile to the lake. I was sore the next day. Yep, I cheered people on who swam 2.4 miles, biked over 100 something and then ran a marathon and meanwhile I was sore after my 1 mile morning jog. Bless you two ladies who asked if I was going to compete, bless you for thinking this tired momma was anywhere near that sort of shape, ha!
I feel like I have shinsplints, I seriously need to start exercising!!!
 If this doesn't look intimidating I don't know what does...

 Georgiana quickly got into the spirit and had a blast!

 There might very well be something wrong with me. I am giddy at races. Giddy, like so excited and I want to cry for every participant. I almost cried for the woman who didn't make the swim cut off by 1 minute. I saw her sitting later amidst cheering fans. I had to talk to her and tell her how amazed I was by her swim, how I thought she was so brave, we talked and she got teary eyed and then smiled. I told her to keep smiling. She was beautiful and strong and I just wished she could have finished.
Anyway, here we are below cheering on the swimmers.
Levi fell asleep in my arms, before he fell asleep I thought for sure we were going to have to head back to the trailer for a morning break, I was thrilled to pieces when he drifted off to sleep. 

 After we cheered the last swimmer on, we headed back to the trailer for some food and showers.
Georgiana wore her "Future Ironman" onesie as a shirt, crazy that it was already 2 years ago that Kelly raced!
 Watching and waiting for the bike to run transition.
 Camped out for the finish line!
The kids were indeed troopers, but we still headed in early. If Kelly was racing we would have made it work and stayed as late as needed, but the little Smiths, well the big ones too, were exhausted, so we stopped at Safeway picked up some ice cream (we tried a frozen yogurt shop the night before, Jamms, it wasn't very good, sorry Jamms). Ate it up, brushed our teeth and we were all asleep before 9pm. 
 Georgiana's chair cape made for a perfect running bib, totally her idea.
In the picture below she is telling the runners, "you can go, you can go, there are no cars coming, it's safe!" 
She was worried about all these runners running in the road :)
 I tried to tell her it was like a parade, but she was still concerned. She rode her bike, "you mean my motorcycle mom," all around. She has a Strider balance bike, and multiple people stopped to ask us about it. She got it when she was 2 and for the first months she would walk with it for about a minute and then say all done! Now, she cries when it is time to be done, she LOVES it. I am excited to watch her transition to a bike with petals, we are thinking we will probably do that next summer. It's pretty much adorable to watch a tiny little person racing around. Adorable and frightening all at the same time.
 Both of the guys we were cheering for are named Jeff. So, naturally Georgiana was under the impression that every athlete was named Jeff. 
"Go Jeff!!!" (I have no idea who the man in the picture below is, but I can assure you he is not one of the Jeff's)
 Nearing our wall, reaching exhaustion.
Time to head back to the trailer.
It's a good thing we like the inside of our trailer, because the place we stayed was so not what we expected. Oh my word...
If you are ever planning on camping in Coeur D'Alene, do NOT stay at the Tamarack RV Park.
It was a parking lot with trees. Trees so close that you may or may not be able to get your trailer in a spot. I will say the man who runs the park was super nice and so helpful, but the residents, yes permanent rv residents were not so welcoming.
While Kelly was getting our trailer parked a barefoot woman came out to greet me, she was kind enough to hold her burning cigarette away from me and the kiddos, but her scent still traveled to us. She said she and the 'others,' I never watched Lost, but isn't that a thing, the "others?" Anyway, she said they were rating Kelly's driving skills and that he was doing okay, but they were hoping for some entertainment.
Woman: What's his name, Dave? Is his name Dave?
Me: No, his name is Kelly.
Woman: Oh yeah, Kelly. GOOO Kelly, ha ha ha (classic smokers laugh)!!
Uh oh, you guys here for the Ironman?
Me: Yes...
Woman: So you're healthy and all that. Is he racing, I probably shouldn't have my cigarette out, it's bad and stuff.
Me: (Awkward moment... I was thinking well, your cigarette is probably mild compared to the other things I'm guessing you consume...I just smiled and tried to redirect by pretending I was distracted with the kids). No, we're just here to cheer on some friends.
(more questions from the woman, lots of small talk, she was friendly, but not all there, not at all, like poor lady was genuinely a little crazy. any valley comm people still read this, one comment 220). 
Woman: I'm from over there, we'll talk later.
Me: Okay... (lucky me)
Later came really quick.
(Woman walked back onto our little spot) Woman: He did a good job, wasn't that entertaining. So, I was just watching the Price is Right and trying to figure out how something like this (pointing to trailer) should go for???
Me: (I will say anything to get you to kindly stop staring at me with your crazy eyes) I say a price.
Woman: Hmm, you did pretty good
(then yelling back to the "others" who I still and never did see): They paid...
I hear KOAs are nice, and I really like a lot of state parks. But, I think we'll be trying out the Coeur D'Alene resort on our next trip over.
Last little Levi note. He's almost 10 months old and has the thickest thighs ever, clean the lint out kind, and the most kissable cheeks. Although I call him my man baby, he's mostly wearing 6 month clothes and his bald spot that he had rubbed off has finally grown in. Those are just tidbits that I want to remember.

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