20 June 2013


Bloggers, how do you stay on top of blogging!?!
Since everyone is posting or has posted their Father's Day posts, I thought I'd finally get my Mother's Day pics up!
For Mother's Day we went to Leavenworth. It was Maifest, and I had always wanted to see the dancing and festivities. We all 4 had a great time, Georgiana loves parades. She waved to every man, child, horse and ginormous dog (see picture below)...

 We ate the native food, Georgiana was not too sure about it, ha ha!
 But she had a blast on the inflatables!! And boy did she hold her own in the obstacle course one!
 She only wanted a picture if we did thumbs up :)
 Levi slept in the stroller, yay Levi!!
 The weather was in the 80's, so we had some pool time and then after getting the kids all rinsed off, Levi was such a snuggly little thing, melted my heart!!
 Georgiana at breakfast watching the horn blowing.
 Attempt at family photo. Georgiana chose this opportunity to start sucking her thumb. No, she's never been a thumb sucker until that moment.
My Grandma invited us over for dinner at her house, so we headed back over the mountains and enjoyed some family time with the extended family.
Also, I have to write this little story out. There was an art show/walk going on in the downtown area. I was looking through some photos with Bible verses on them and Georgiana was asking me what they said. I came across one that said "His mercies are new every morning." I read it to Georgiana and said something about mommy needing to remember that just about every morning. Then we made our way to the next booth. A few minutes later, Kelly handed me the print that I had been looking at and said while I was talking with Georgiana the artist handed Kelly a print and wouldn't let Kelly pay him for it. It made me tear up and I was so thankful for his thoughtfulness. We are currently painting our bathroom, we only bought the paint in November, so I'm sure it will be finished soon, ha! Anyway, when we're done I am going to hang it in there so I see it every morning. 
I'll look at the print and try to remember to post his info, if I remember correctly he doesn't have a website, but now that I type that I'm really not sure...

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