28 June 2013

Levi's started two new things.
First thing, he has not cried THREE times getting put in his highchair, and he enjoyed his food all three times. A miracle.
Secondly, he smiles for the camera, and closes his eyes until the flash is over. I tested this new thing several times, gotta love digital cameras, for your enjoyment...
Levi Smile :)
 In between, trying to capture his eyes open. They are partially closed because as soon as he saw the camera he started closing them!
 And just like that my toddler grew into a little girl!!
 We had baja bowls today for lunch, Levi loved the black beans. I was calling him my black bean boy, in Georgiana's three year old ears she heard 'black boy,' and thus started calling him that. Yep, the whitest Smith in the house was nicknamed black boy. I didn't make a big reaction, and I am hoping she has forgot all about the not so fitting nor p.c. nickname. Only time will tell, I am sure it will be remembered at the most appropriate (read inappropriate) time. 
 One more, Levi smile, ha ha!
PS - like my paint samples on the wall?? :)

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