01 July 2013


I just found a sneak peak from our family photos, and I am SOOO excited! We haven't had family pictures taken since Georgiana was 6 months old. I honestly don't know where the time goes, but it sure does fly by. When I clicked on the link, my first gut instinct was to be super critical of myself. I am not looking for comments here, I am just keeping it real, but boy do I feel like I struggle right now. Years of sleep deprivation and eating not so well is catching up with me. I quickly scrolled down and saw my beautiful babies and was reminded that hey, it's really not about me!! And, in 10 years when I finally have the pictures printed and framed and hanging on the wall, I'll think man I wish I looked 30 again :)
Here's the link to the picture preview, click HERE.
The photographer is named Lennox, and she is a true sweetheart, we all adored her and already hope to  shoot with her again!!
And, the snapshots below are a reminder of why we put on coordinating outfits, got the kids all cleaned up, and enlisted a professional to capture the pics. Although cute, the ones below are nothing but amateur images to remember our crazy days.
Crazy HOT days, the ones where your baby boy just wears a onesie, and therefore looks naked in a bjorn.
Thomas the Train is super exciting in our house!
Saturday morning we went to the Teatro Zinzanni kids show and pizza to celebrate our dear friend Lindsey's 30th birthday! Afterwards, Georgiana shocked Kelly and I and ran up to give "Shaggy the Bear" a big hug. He creeped me out a bit (for no reason), ha ha, thankfully she felt differently.
Next we headed to another birthday party and then it was time to prep our clothes for family photos the next day. My plan was to have us wearing navy/white and coral accents for Georgiana and I. But, after looking at Georgiana's dress she wore to the parties, we scratched that plan and I headed out to Nordstrom rack!
We spent Sunday on Whidbey Island, eating and taking pictures and just playing in the sun.
I told Kelly I was "nursing like a hippy." It was quite warm and I forgot my hooter hider in the car and Levi was hungry. So...
While I helped Levi get a full tummy, Georgiana rearranged some furniture. Kelly often calls her an ant, those chairs are not light!
Our chill baby was full of facial expressions. Some more serious than others.
Other things to note, Levi now has 2 teeth. Georgiana said "it's impressive that I am able to find these pictures" while playing with the gps today. I was riding in the passenger seat and I wrote down 'impressive' on my Costco list because, it was indeed impressive that she used that word! Also, when we walked up to the top of the ferry, Georgiana said "oh, this is where I lost Pink Dolly's shoe when we were with our friends." To which I replied, "Yes, when you were 18 months old and we went to camp with the Frosts!!!"
Wow Georgiana Lee, wow.
Hope you are enjoying the sun, don't forget to hydrate :)
One more thing, one of Georgiana's balloons popped on the way home and she said "oh no, now I'm only 2 years old." I tried to explain to her that she was still 3, but she insisted that because she only had 2 balloons to hold, she herself was back to being 2. Love her. And, lastly I am SO happy that Lennox snapped a picture of Levi's legs, I cannot get enough of the soft and squishy adorableness!!! 

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