27 August 2013

It took me 4 times to login to my blogger account. I couldn't remember my password, proof that it has been WAY too long since I last blogged!!
I fear this short post will be rather disappointing to anyone awaiting a giant update. It's coming, someday...
I write posts daily in my head it just seems the physical time to type them out is out of reach, constantly.
Still, I didn't want to forget that today was Georgiana's first dentist appointment. She was so brave and very excited about her new toothbrush and paste. Today, I also registered her to be a "soccer ball player" as she put it. And, Thursday is her preschool meet and greet. Where is my baby girl!?!
As for my little Levi. We are planning his first birthday, just around the corner!
He is on the mend, I would say almost completely healed up from a nasty double ear infection. And, I remain hopeful that someday I will sleep. Levi continues to scoot around at lightening speed and is mastering holding onto furniture and pulling himself up onto everything. He is blessed to have the biggest smile, one that lights up a room, and it is a blessing to us throughout the day! 
Kelly's doing well too, he just finished up 10 days off from work, which we all loved! We would gladly welcome 10 more if only there was time on the books. 
I've been terrible about taking pictures, and the ones that I have taken are on my phone. I'll upload them soon I hope and archive them on this little ol' blog.
Good night :)

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