31 July 2013


So many blog posts have rattled around in my head, and it has just been difficult to find time at my computer to type them up. So, this is just a simple "Hello!" to say that I miss the blog, but we've been busy enjoying summer.
My sister and her family came up for a visit, and we soaked up as much time with them as possible. The "triplets" and Taye were adorable as usual, and little Levi does his absolute best to keep up!
Levi sleeps with his hands under his head, you know folded behind him like he is just kicking back to relax, it's crazy cute. He's in the 50th percentile for height and the 15th for weight. Yes, the dr and I both laughed about that one!! His legs and kissable cheeks would most definitely make you think otherwise.
Georgiana Lee is my little girl, in a blink the word toddler just doesn't really describe her anymore. She's a doll and I wish SO badly that I could recall the things she says to me, like everything she says, because she's funny and witty and uses a vocabulary that is well beyond her years.
The other day she told me her wedding was going to be huge and beautiful, oh and don't worry mommy I'll text you what time it is going to be.
Thank you sweet girl, but we better be closer than a text invite to your big day, ha ha!
Levi is waking up, he does that, a lot. So off I go.
More of July to come (in blog posts or at least pictures), but it may take me some time...
Camping at Port Ludlow.
Birthday Parties. Lady Bugs, Princesses, Swimming, Shortcake...
Levi's first 4th of July.
Backyard fun. Playhouse & Swing set. New Fence.
Kids night out at church, one of two.
Visiting with friends from out of state, love love love.
Pirate show. 
Being silly & getting really super duper excited to Lord willing head to LA soon to do some filming, I'll  update when I have more details to share :)
For now, here's another family picture from Lennox Bishop Photography.
Oh, and random but true, Hart of Dixie on Netflix, HIGHLY addicting.

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