05 September 2013

As I've mentioned before, Georgiana is quite taken by our garbage men. She loves to pretend she is a garbage man, especially when she can ride crazy on a stroller or grocery cart!
 Levi was sleeping when we got to the store, so we just snapped him in the stroller, by the time we left I think he thought he was on a crazy ride with Georgie girl!
 For little Levi's birthday today we went to Red Robin. I was shocked that Levi enjoyed the singing, he is usually easily startled by loud noises and people. But, it seemed he knew the singing was for him :) He made eye contact and smiled at each of the 3 servers who sang him a quieter version of the RR birthday song. Here's our little ONE year old!! He's just a little guy with a big smile and giggly, cuddly, on the move curious personality. He does his best to keep up with his sister, and he just melts our hearts!
 This morning when I reminded Georgiana that it was Levi's birthday, she said "Can he walk!?!" 
This past year whenever she's asked about him walking, we've said when he's one. So, in her little mind today was the day! She was adorably sweet to him all day, she had fun celebrating her 'birthday boy' as she called him. 
Speaking of my birthday boy, he's waking up...
Yep, he doesn't sleep through the night, but someday he will and won't that be lovely. For now, I'll go snuggle that baby boy! Yes, one is still a baby to me :) At least for now.
ps in Levi's defense, there is quite the thunder and lightning storm going on!

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