09 September 2013

Preschool Jitters

Would you believe that I cannot sleep because I can't find Georgiana's navy blue hair bow???
Well, it's true. Today I found the most perfect 1st day of school dress, and now just hours before the big day I cannot find her bow. I have torn the house apart, or rather sifted through the already apart house and absolutely cannot find it. I told Kelly that it probably sounds insane, but that I feel like a failure because I cannot find this bow! To which he replied, yep you are insane.
So, what am I left to do but blog about it, right...
Maybe another disorganized mom will find comfort in the fact that she is not alone. No friend, you are not alone at all, I am right here. In the sane part of my brain I know that tomorrow will go great with or without the hair bow or 'perfect' dress. I know that the fact that I do not have a small chalkboard for Georgiana to hold that says "1st day of preschool," does not mean that the pictures will be any less memorable. The one that I just puffy painted last minute will suffice. Yes, I have puffy paint on hand, for times like this I suppose.
Anyway, I feel a little better writing it out. I feel like I can see just a bit how silly it all is in the big picture. More importantly than look cute and take the best coordinated picture tomorrow, I pray she has a wonderful time. That she is kind and that the other children are kind to her. That she is not sad, not tearful at all, that her little nerves are calmed (that mine are and that I don't stress her out). That she has FUN, that she is excited to learn, that she is encouraged and looks forward to going back. I pray that she is safe. I pray that she is comfortable and that she doesn't wet her pants. 
Yep, on the parent orientation night the teacher told a story of a "girl who never ever had an accident..." Prior to her story, I would have never thought to pack an extra change of clothes. But, packed they are in Georgiana's zebra backpack. When I found out that she needed a backpack I asked her what kind she would like? She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "I already have a backpack, my zebra."
I love my practical little lady. Although, to keep it real, my practical little lady was not so much that way today at Marshalls when I had to tell her several times that no she was not getting the extremely large palette of equally as glittery eye shadow. 
Okay, I am hopeful to sleep now. Georgiana is sleeping well for now, it must be the special sleeping confetti her teacher gave her :) I'll post the poem soon, I would type it up right now but it is in her room and I dare not go in her room a third time while she is sleeping.
Sleep tight blog world.
ps I leave you with a pic from soccer practice today. The sun was shining in her eyes, but boy oh boy was she excited before practice. Not too sure what she thought of the practice, but I wanted to post this cute pic with her wearing the tiniest shin guards I've seen. 

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A to Z said...

I'm dying over her shin guards!! Where did you find them!?