10 September 2013

In the words of Jim Halpert: Did it. Love it. Keep it goin'.

Georgiana LOVED school today!!!

 She wouldn't let go of my hand. Love her.

Praise the Lord oh my soul!
We could not have asked for preschool to go any smoother today. Georgiana was SUPER excited this morning and just a doll to get ready. When we pulled into the parking lot she said "Oh my word, this is exciting!" My grandma joined us for Georgiana's big day, and we all giggled with her, she was too sweet. When we got out of the car to wait by the doors with the other kids, Georgiana clenched my hand. She never said she was nervous or acted like she didn't want to go, but I could tell her nerves were flowing. We saw some kids who she had played with on the meet and greet day, so we said hello to them and that seemed to start to calm her nerves, to have a little friend. We went into the classroom and Georgiana gave her teacher a big hug and dove right into the activities. I thought she was tearing up, but maybe her eyes just looked glossy through my glossy eyes, because when I was lingering with a couple of other parents Georgiana quietly said to me "Momma, when are you going to leave?"
I said "do you want me to leave?"
Georgiana: "Yes."
My brave dolly!!
We peeked in on her a little longer and watched her march her color sheet to her mailbox with a huge grin on her face! 
She had a ball, thank you Lord.
The rest of the afternoon, she was teacher Georgie, Levi and I were her pupils. 
We have much to learn :)

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Stefanie said...

I cannot believe she is in preschool!! So happy it went well for her (and you!)!!