10 September 2013

Summer 2013

With school starting today, I decided I should probably try and finally get some of my summer photos on the blog. Most are from my phone (hence the poor quality), but they still capture memories, so in no particular order I bring you summer 2013!
Kelly snuggling our sleepy baby at the most beautiful wedding at the Snoqualmie country club.
 Flowers our neighbors shared with us from their garden, instant joy!
 Blue eyed boy on the move.
 Makenzie was such a sport and took a very excited Georgiana down on the grass to try and catch the wedding bouquet. Georgie girls arms are out and waiting!
 Pretty girls!
 Sleepy baby.
 Makenzie is 21!!
 We simply asked if we could take their picture, Case and Georgiana posed themselves :)
 Silly mommy, this bag is actually a chef's hat, and when you put it on you instantly sing at the top of your lungs. A beautiful improvised tune for all to hear.
 Georgiana decided she is no longer afraid of pirates! 
 A little lunch date.
Being adorable.
 This summer we bought a school book at Costco. She LOVES it!
 Camping with friends and big ol' bags of kettle corn!
 The answer is no. No, 4 people do not sleep comfortably on a travel trailer queen size bed. No.
 Someone likes bean burritos. A lot.
 He also LOVES the ginormous carts at Home Depot. Feeling like a big boy with sis :) These carts are most definitely not easy to push, when approaching someone pushing one of these bad boys, proceed with caution.
 The pictures really uploaded out of order, another wedding pic. I said "you look like a princess!" Georgiana said "Momma, I am a princess." 
 Levi. Goofy boy!
 Mayfield lake with church friends!
 A Georgiana and mommy adventure at the Renaissance Faire. People watching like you would not believe. 
 Ice Cream while we were entertained by the crowds.
 Getting a "fairy bubble" from a jester.

Homegrown centerpieces.
 Accompanying gourmet dinners :)
 Sunny evening walks.
 Trying to eat out with tiny tots. Choosing to smile and have a fun time even when one of us is a human jungle gym for the pre dinner entertainment!
 Wearing shades!
 Making crazy faces. Again and again and again.
 Strider bike rides. She has got it down. It scares me, but she loves to ride!
 More lounging in the Bob. 
 Calling apples "balls" and getting super thrilled to discover they are so tasty!
 I think I shall serve every salad on a platter. So much prettier than in a bowl. Thank you Costco bagged Parisian salad.
 Dolly dinner time.
Yard work with a helper girl. "Hey Daddy, you got a little helper coming!" Oh Georgiana Lee you crack us up.
Tailgating with Daddy.
 The "Triplets"
Georgiana, Ryder, Hana 
 Big girl braids.
 Boat rides with cousins.
 More boat rides :)
 And even more:
 Standing on a dock looking cute.
 Trying to stand on a paddle board. All at the same time.

 Yep, did not happen. Not once. After about an hour, we gave up.
We will conquer this quest another time!!
It was a full fun summer.

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christy said...

I love you and your family so much! Thank you for updating. I love reading about it all. Love the picture of case and Georgie! And the babies too. :)