21 September 2013

More Phone Pictures

Yesterday we did the Puyallup! As in the Washington State Fair, my only regret was not buying a bakers dozen of scones to take home. We have always always bought a bunch to bring home, but in a moment of self control I declined, craziness I say. Anyway, I thought it only appropriate to dress the Little Smiths  in their Carhartt outfits. Most of the pictures involve the miniature tractors, but Georgiana would most certainly tell you the animals were her favorite! The piglets, horses, goats, bunnies and oh those cute little baby turkeys :) She was so sweet in the petting zoo, she was super excited but very gentle with the tiny animals. A rather large sheep startled her (her words) with a very loud baaaaa, poor little thing nearly jumped out of her boots. 
Now for some pictures:
 Enthusiastically cheering on the tractor pull!
 It probably sounds cheesy, but isn't family time the best!?! 
 At the horse show. 
 Staying hydrated and kickin' back.
 This picture melts my heart! Look how big he looks!?! Oh Levi, you are my little country boy.
And then today, Georgiana grew up even more.
She asked me to straighten her hair!
Kelly saw her and said to me "never again! she looks way too grown up :)"
Another Home Depot picture from today. Kelly was running errands with the kids and Georgiana asked if they could stop by Home Depot for a ride, ha ha! Who needs fair rides when you can just go to the hardware store...

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