18 September 2013

My Life in Phone Pics

 Last week my friend Kea and I thought it would be a fun idea to take our kiddos for a little walk/strider bike ride. 5 miles later, one sleeping baby 
 and one 3 year old who knows how to work it. "Momma, since I've been such a good girl, can I please have Dairy QueeM?" If only she would actually eat more than one or two bites I would not be forced to consume both of ours, but that's another post all together...
 Saturday we went for a family hike. Georgiana refused to ride in the other hiking backpack. She did walk most of the way, and talked daddy into doing some carrying too! Levi loved the hike, and he got so excited every time he spotted a puppy. The puppies were all very friendly, one jumped up and licked my face kind of friendly. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I kept my cool for the kids. 

 Macaroni? What Macaroni??
 Sunday, we went to my aunt and uncle's house to watch the Seahawks game. Georgiana thought it was SO cool to eat dinner on the couch! 
 Levi would not take his eyes off of the tv!! Can you tell he doesn't normally get to watch tv? His face doesn't show it in this picture, but he was thrilled.
 Levi, you need to back up buddy :)
 At home he turns everything into a climbing/riding toy. Like this car track. 
 I was cleaning the other day and Georgiana really wanted to help. She asked if she could wash the windows? Sure Georgie girl, anytime!! Levi was so interested in it, we handed him a cloth too. They both scrubbed their little hearts out!
 I'm including this one because I want to remember how into taking "selfies" Georgiana is right now. She looks way way too grown up in this picture!
 Levi "talking" on the phone.
 Oh no, it's begun!! Run Levi Run!
 He wasn't too happy with his sister in the above picture, but you can tell he didn't hold a grudge as evidenced below. Yep, he's resting his head on Georgiana. He leaned over onto her and she said "oh Brud (Bud and Brother mixed together), he's leaning on me, take a picture." 
I'm thankful for phone cameras, they let me capture moments of our life that I otherwise probably wouldn't have a camera out for. 
Good night.

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