07 November 2013

Random September 2013 Pics

Me and my birthday boy!
 My birthday boy almost in his birthday suit, oh Levi!!
 Is it strange that I wished I had Georgiana's hairdo and dress that day!?!
 So, you're saying this is actually not a pan flute?? Craziness. (Levi, as interpreted by mommy)
 Georgiana's artwork, drawing her first people :)
 Finding treasures like this turns my grumpy oh I have clutter everywhere attitude into a smile. 
Georgiana's been arranging toys for years.
Yesterday she informed me that when she grows up she is going to design airplanes. "The Alaska ones like we fly on."
Can you tell she has an engineer Grandma and an Aunt who works for Alaska Airlines??
And... this post will be short and sweet because I hear a little guy calling for me through his monitor.
Levi has a nasty nasty cold that makes me have a whole new understanding of the saying "sawing logs." Poor guy is congested, off I go!

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