04 December 2013

My brain feels full, and my phone is full of pictures. I'm just including a couple on this post with hopes and intentions of posting more soon!
What a wonderful and busy season we are in. Throughout each day I think of a dozen or more things I want to blog about, so that I can look back and laugh at the sweet things Georgiana says, the silly things Levi does and just clear some space in my head. Writing/blogging is therapeutic and I am behind (as seems the theme of this year)!
Georgiana apologizes ALL the time, I have been told I say "sorry" "sorry" "sorry" too much, now I am hearing it from her. Poor girl, all day I am telling her, "sweet girl you do not have to be sorry for that..." Of course, when she does need to be sorry for bopping her brother on the head, well then of course she is "just too tired to talk." Ha ha, oh Georgie girl how I love your spunk!
She recently had her first haircut from yours truly. I had every intention of paying a friend (who is a professional hairdresser), but Georgiana was getting SO anxious about the whole thing. She was convinced it was going to hurt. I guess that is what happens when you are nearly 3 1/2 years old and have never had scissors to your head. So, one afternoon while Levi napped I began doing a demonstration of just snipping a little to show her it didn't hurt. It turned into a full on haircut and I am shocked to say that it turned out really well!
This picture doesn't highlight her haircut, but it is the outfit she chose for her 2nd day as the Superstar at school. This round of snack she upped her game and wanted to bring nearly every item she had ever had for snack. We settled on apple slices, cheese, ritz and v8 splash or fushion (whichever one doesn't have the corn syrup). Anyway, she continues to LOVE school! She's been telling people that she loves to be with her brother and loves to go to school, that it is just hard being away from him, but she just needs to learn. Yep, melts my heart. Her biggest question to me when I pick her up is "What was brother like when I was gone??" These two are close, and that continues to be one of the things I pray for the most, that they would be best friends!
 Oh my baby boy! Levi is running, climbing, giggling, kicking (thankfully only balls so far), throwing and beginning to tackle his sister! He too received his first haircut. No, I did not attempt to cut his hair. A friend (and professional) cut his hair at our house. Levi was his chill self, just sitting on my lap in the kitchen. Levi is most always chill, until he is not. It's a switch and boy can my baby boy throw his head back and be UPSET. Thankfully, up till now he consoles pretty easily. But, I am seriously concerned he is going to hurt himself by wailing backwards. Anyway, cuteness before haircut pics (phone pic quality):

 After. Yep, he just grew up right before your eyes!!
 Those cheeks!

Levi had his first modeling shoot with Amazon.com. He will be on the Amazon Mom pages. I learned that Georgiana modeled on the Fashion side of Amazon and Levi worked on the Lifestyle side. The crew were all different than with Georgiana, but still super great to work with. It was much more low key, no hair/make up, less fuss with wardrobe, definitely a different vibe, even a different location. It is truly difficult for me to not be a stage mom, I love being on set with my babies SO much. It's just fun. Especially because Levi had a blast. He had the whole room laughing with his saunter and his laid back poses. I'll be checking AmazonMom a lot, please let me know if you see my little guy!
Other Levi bits that I don't want to forget. He hides things. I will move a throw pillow on the couch and find a stash of cars, he had a pile of cookies (animal crackers) behind his book basket, he almost always has a pile of balls hidden under the couch and be sure to check the tupperware drawer in the kitchen if something is missing (like one of Georgiana's shoes) because Levi loves to tuck things away in there! He refuses to drink milk. He still wakes up once or twice at night. He has transitioned to one nap. He naps best in the Bob jogging stroller. Just today Kelly took the kids for a run and Levi fell asleep in the cold air, he slept for another 1 1/2 hours (which is a LONG time for one of our little ones) in the Bob in the garage with a monitor. Don't worry he was super warm, like sweaty baby with crazy hair warm, and I only checked on him 37 times, which I thought was moderate :)
He really likes his shoes. He has very sweaty feet. He absolutely adores his sister and thinks she is hilarious. Georgiana is still quick to correct anyone that he is 'our baby,' and she thinks it is so neat that the whole family is walking now. 
One more Georgiana story.
We were out shopping on Black Friday and my aunt and grandma were discussing the logistics of transporting my grandma's ginormous tv to a donation facility, when my aunt said "and Kelly has a dolly he can bring to help." Georgiana without skipping a beat and completely serious said "Me!?!" To which we obviously said "Yes, Dolly, Daddy needs your help!" She was thrilled and it was pretty priceless.
Once again it is well past my bedtime. My brain was extra restless this evening because while working on Georgiana's angel costume for school (aka a reason to finally make a tutu dress!), I decided to utilize my accidental expensive purchase of amazon prime and stream a Christmas movie. I probably should have read the description a little more because I didn't realize Christmas Lodge was going to have a story line of a woman and her dying Grandpa. Art imitates life. I could write a post a mile long on how much we miss Papa. It feels very fresh still and there are many moments that something literally takes my breath away, not in an awe inspiring moment kind of way, in the I feel like I'm suffocating and have to think of how to take another breath sort of way. I know there are people who are navigating through grief more tremendous than my own. Those people are braver and stronger than I can imagine being. It's seeing Papa's shoes at Costco, his socks at Fred Meyer, his chocolate covered cherries, wanting to hear his laugh other than just the memory I play in my head, wanting to sit down next to him, close enough on the sofa that I sink down in the cushion by him. Wanting him to ask "are you happy?" and wanting to say yes. Not being afraid to post this because I don't want to make my sad family more sad. And yet, being SO thankful for my family here on earth. Our season here is temporary. 
"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted." - Jesus (Matthew 5:4)

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