19 December 2013

Georgiana's School Christmas Program!

Georgiana was an angel.
The first 5 photos were taken by our friend Kurt (Thank You Kurt!). My little dolly pretty much took my breath away when she led the angels down the aisle to the stage. Earlier that day she asked me if she was going to get to tell Mary that she was going to be carrying a Child and to name Him Jesus? She said, Miss Rhonda will direct me! 
I told Georgiana we would be in the audience smiling and clapping for her. She gasped and said, "No clapping unless Miss Rhonda says!" I assured her we would abide by all the rules :)

 Backstage! Taken with my now working camera!! Praise the Lord, I have no idea why it started working again, but boy am I thankful. So happy, Team Smith had a dance party to Vanilla Ice to celebrate. Yes, that really happened.

 Georgiana and her teacher.

 Spotting Daddy walking to the stage.

 Brother was in awe of her.
 I'm pretty sure my favorite moment of the night was when Georgiana got onto stage, found her place on the risers, spotted our row of family and began waving and smiling like crazy. Then, "Hey Kenz!!" with a huge grin and enthusiastic wave!
 These two make me feel overwhelmingly spoiled. 
Yes, it's a LOT of work to take care of two tiny people, but oh my word is it beyond worth it! 
I mean, just look at those smiles, instant joy to my soul.

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Jessica said...

Did you use a hair donut for her? :) This makes me want a daughter so badly!!