23 December 2013

Happy Christmas Adam!

Ok... I didn't do Christmas cards this year. I made the decision pretty early in the Season, and told myself I wouldn't beat myself up over it, but I'm just coming out with it. SO, please don't take us off of your list and don't think I snubbed you this year, we took a (hopefully) one year break and plan to return with a Christmas greeting next year!
As well as return with our beloved Christmas Adam (you know, because Adam came before Eve) tradition. Since the first year Kelly and I were dating, about 13 years ago, we celebrated Christmas Adam with a nice dinner out, usually followed by looking at the gingerbread houses at the Sheraton in Seattle. It's evolved over the years, but always been the first day to a wonderful 3 day holiday celebrating our Savior's birth! This year, Kelly had to work. Bah Humbug. But, as the wife to a first responder I really shouldn't complain. In ten years as an officer I think he has only worked 2 Christmases and never a Christmas morning, this is not a normal situation and we feel blessed that the Lord has allowed his schedule to work out so well. Christmas Eve will kick off Kelly's Christmas Vacation (Georgiana would correct me and say "Christmas Break Momma, we aren't going anywhere"), and then he will begin the New Year with a long awaited and greatly anticipated schedule change, woo hoo!! The evenings are difficult as a Mommy of little ones, and I am so thankful to have backup in the New Year, what an answer to prayer!
Yesterday we took the kids to meet Santa Claus. Levi doesn't do much sign language, but I wish we had the experience on video because just about as soon as he was set on Santa's lap he started doing the sign for "All Done!!" Needless to say the time with Santa was brief, and we had only two pictures to choose from. Georgiana was perfectly posed in each one (I was confident Levi would freak, so I prepped her and said even if brother is screaming please just smile), and Levi was adorably pathetic. He consoled quickly and was delighted to hold a tiny candy cane enclosed in a crackly wrapper.
I didn't make an appointment with Yuen Lui this year, the lowest price I could find was $50, and that just seemed a little steep. So, we ventured to the mall before church and walked right on up to Santa, pretty great for only $21.
Happy Christmas Adam!
Merry Christmas Eve!!
Happy Birthday Jesus!!!
I hope you have a safe, fun, yummy and Christ filled Christmas!
Team Smith
(It's a green Christmas card-ish).

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