04 December 2013

There are To Do's, which I have a plethora of. Finish the downstairs spruce, which can be broken down into roughly 412 to do's, deal with several leaks in our brand new not cheap trailer which is thankfully still under warranty but I would still never recommend dealing with Sumner RV ever ever ever. Or other to do's like work on Georgiana and Levi's baby books, organize photos etc.
Then there are Want To's. It's true that I want to do many of the To Do's, but the true Want To's do not have a sense of urgency or any timeline. They just haven't been a priority.
Until now.
If anyone ever said nothing good comes from reality tv, well I disagree. A couple of months ago I was watching Shark Tank, when the bazillionaire Robert Herjavec said "A goal without a timeline is simply a dream." This statement has resonated with me. It's been marinating and got me thinking, I have a list of want to's, aka goals, that I would like to turn into more than just dreams. My first step is writing them down. Second step is making a timeline (one written in pencil not permanent marker). Then living them out. It's an eclectic and extremely ambitious list. The list itself is a work in progress.
Here's a snippet:

Write a book. A real book.
SAG card (not from extra work).
Skinny dip or chunky dunk, I'm good with either one.
Sleep 8 hours a night for 3 nights in a row.
Europe. Travel. A LOT. Specifics in the works.
Decide if I want to run a marathon. Live happily with either decision.

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Ashley Cory said...

Marathon YES, Europe YES! Lets make this happen!