30 April 2014

Easter 2014

I went for it this year and ordered the kids' Easter outfits from Etsy. I was thrilled to pieces about them. Georgiana was a little concerned when we opened the box, "they forgot to make brother a shirt!" 
So sweet, Old Navy made brother's shirt :)
I know Easter has nothing to do with Easter outfits, but I enjoy seeing my babies dressed up!

 I could have saved myself a few dollars and just filled Levi's Easter basket with $1 section balls from Target. His favorite thing of all, "Ball!!"
 He has quite the shot too :)
 Georgiana's favorite item, a Frozen sticker/coloring book. Oh and the soundtrack, sometimes I question my sanity on some of my purchases. But, although we go a little crazy, we are overall all enjoying "Let it go!"

 Georgiana and our cousin Ashley. I love this picture! When Georgiana saw it she said "Uh oh, Ashley was going to get my egg!" Ha ha :)
 Not to be left out, Mr. Levi. He napped during our hunt at home, next year buddy!
 Anything with the word "hunt" and he has his little hand up and marches around. Makes me think of a picture of Kelly and Georgiana doing the same thing a couple of years ago.

 A weed eater or as she calls it, a "weediator." For years, yes years, she's wanted one :)
 Grandma Grandma and Georgie girl.
 I wish his little face wasn't blurry, he had SO much fun dying eggs. I'm sure he thought it was quite boring at home compared to how wild he got at my aunt's house!

 Levi and Auntie Shell
 Heath bar brownies and Tres Leches cake (cake from Fred Meyer). We had brought the cake to a friends' house earlier in the month and loved it, so I wanted to share it with my family. Kelly really liked the first cake, but he claimed that his one tasted like a soggy sandwich. I could not have disagreed more!! I loved it. 
 Levi's new big boy Batman pjs!
 With a cape :)
He is Risen Indeed!

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