05 May 2014

Kelly's shoulder was injured 9 weeks ago, NINE, oh my word I cannot believe it has been that long!
Tomorrow he will finally be having surgery, and I am so thankful that he will be on the road to recovery. Please pray that his surgery will go well and that he will make a full recovery. We've been informed that the shoulder can be a rather stubborn area to heal, but we are trusting in God's hand through this, as He is the ultimate Healer!
Also, please pray for me. I feel like a pregnant woman who didn't get all of her nesting done. At least that is what I am imagining it must feel like. The last time Kelly had surgery, it was a few days before Christmas and Levi was only 3 months old (which meant I was nursing him all the time). I need to remember that this round will hopefully be much much easier!
This weekend turned out to be busier than I was planning on, mostly fun things like going on an Elsa (Disney Frozen) dress hunt, Georgiana working a couple of days and then poor little Levi having a super super long doctor appointment, or rather just a super long wait time and then a normal appointment. Thankfully my mommy instinct was wrong, and he did not have an ear infection! So, Lord willing we will just have one Smith taking medicine this week. 
What do you do when your child is crying and refusing to get in the water for swim lessons?? If it was any other sport I would not be adamant that she participate, I don't care if she ever wants to swim competitively, I would just like her to know how to swim/tread/float, you know be safe around water. 
Thankfully, she is only 3, so it's not like she is shipping off to summer camp this year. Although, it seems like she is growing up SO much and SO fast. When Levi runs (which is his only speed), his little cheeks jiggle and he still has wide eyed baby expressions, but my Georgiana Lee is a full on little girl. Both the doctor and a producer on set today both commented on how well she speaks, we still cling to the few words that come out wrong, like when she told my aunt and uncle that 
"I cannot believe I winned the dress!!" 
By tomorrow she'll be conjugating the word correctly and she'll grow up even more!
Levi is becoming quite verbal as well. His words are usually more like sounds and spoken in the cutest little baby boy voice. He calls cars "go goes" and he calls the puppy (large German Shepherd) next door "Biggy." If a piece of food is too large he uses the same word "biggy." He says "Yeah!" all the time. If I ask him to say "yes," he does the sign language sign for yes. He doesn't say "no," he just shakes his head quite vigorously back and forth. The very first thing he says when he wakes up "Daddy? Gigi??" And then it is a mad dash to find both of them. If Daddy is at work, Levi responds with the longest "Ohhhhhh!"
Thank you blog world for a little spot to vent. 
I'll post some pictures and be off to go enjoy some cookies and cream ice cream.
Good night.
Levi kept looking in the oven mitt (that's what is on his hand) and was saying "Puppy? Puppy?" 
 Making masterpieces!
 Georgiana getting her hair done by Miss Angelica. She asked me to send this picture to Ashley & Makenzie :)
 I walked out of my bathroom and saw this. 
Sigh. Love them.
 Googly Eye Stickers.
 Smile Levi :)
 Giving grass a "haircut."
 This is how Levi runs all the time. 
Arms back.
Super Levi!!!
 The only time he ever let me put sunglasses on him. 
So glad I got a pic!
 Georgiana wanted to send this beauty to cousin Corbin.
Oh Georgie girl.
 The kids have discovered blowing dandelion puffs. 
Can you tell??
 Disney Store Elsa dress raffle (win an opportunity to buy the dress). 
Basically a Black Friday experience. Kelly, the kiddos and I headed up to Bellevue on Saturday morning to enter the raffle with the rest of the Frozen crazies. In addition to our two entries, our friend Lindsey generously came by to enter and my aunt Michelle and grandma went to the Tukwila store to try and get a dress. We chose not to tell Georgiana why exactly we were at the store, we didn't want to get her hopes up...
 We played while we waited for the raffle.
Levi was quite proud of summiting the ferry boat!
 When we returned to the store, they had already done the raffle.
So, Kelly went to the front desk to check the names and low and behold...
He winned!!
We decided to give her the dress at lunch.
We figured, why wait until her birthday, this way she will wear it a little longer and we will get more bang for our buck, ha ha!
 She was THRILLED!
 When we explained that there were only a few dresses, she was very concerned for the crying little girls at the store. She put it all together and just kept saying how thankful she was. Kelly said right before she fell asleep she said "Thanks for winning my dress for me Daddy."
Kelly was pretty excited that his name was drawn. I think he felt like he hunted it down for her.
Thank you to all of our helpers who entered the raffle!
If you too are on a hunt, my understanding is that many of the Disney Stores will be doing a raffle each Saturday morning. I just called and asked all my questions to them directly and they were really helpful.

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Stefanie said...

Catching up on your blog! Your babies are beautiful! The Elsa dress is amazing and perfect and I'm so glad she we it! How cool!! Preying for a smooth recovery for Kelly and also for Cory.