04 April 2014

This first picture was taken a couple of days ago, the kids (and Kelly!) love to use their Toy Story blasters and go hunting around the house. Levi has quite the sound effects, if only you could hear them from the picture. Also, the remnants of a fort are in the background. Our house often looks turned upside down, and often that is just how the little Smiths would like it to be!
 Another Levi smiling picture. 
I cannot get over his grin!!!
 Today there was an open play date at our church. They have had it the last two months and we've had to miss due to not feeling well, so we were all excited to get to go and fellowship with our friends. They had a small bounce house that even Levi was able to climb in and jump in, it was so fun to watch the little ones play and get to visit with friends. It was the first time I was able to really let Levi do his thing and visit while he and Georgiana both played. Hard to believe he is growing up so fast!
 The sign of a good play date (picture below). 
Levi fell asleep in the car and I didn't want to wake him up by taking off his shoes.
It didn't seem like the most sanitary or comfortable thing to put him in his crib with his shoes on, but as for the comfort part I figured he naps in his car seat with his shoes on and I don't think anything of it. Levi's eyes are usually slightly opened when he sleeps, he's been that way since he was first born. Just a Levi thing :)
 I was thankful Levi napped well because this evening we went to the Olympia Children's Museum. 
It was SO much fun! 
This was our first time going and the museum was huge, clean, and FREE! 
The first Friday of each month the museum is free from 5pm-9pm, even the parking is free on Free Fridays. We assumed that we would not be the only ones attending a free night, and I would say about half of Olympia was in attendance, but still we had a great time. 
Georgiana Lee riding a goat, sporting her Elsa hair. Lately she requests here hairdos by princess, "May I please have Belle hair momma..." Today was Elsa, but thankfully she was happy with a side ponytail, I need my sister or cousins for the more challenging hairstyles!
 Look at Levi's little (or not so little) tummy. 
Hanging out in a play kitchen. Cooking pumpkins picked from the pretend garden.
 Trying to capture Levi making silly faces and contracting all sorts of yucky germs, but having a blast at the same time! Georgiana said this vintage pickup truck was her favorite exhibit, that's my girl! 
 Lastly, what a great idea to store markers.
The lids were glued into the wood that was drilled just a bit (no pun intended), with a bit the same size as the lids.

I'm exhausted. 
Goodnight blogworld, hope you have a happy weekend.
Tomorrow is the Daffodil Parade, should be another fun day!

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