30 March 2014

Erin & Timmy's Wedding! (Just a few pics)

Two beautiful bloggers got to meet in person. I insisted on a phone pic, so sorry it is blurry ladies!!
Ashleigh & Bridget
 I love catching up with friends, so much fun!
Stephanie, Bridget, me, Ashleigh
 The stunning bride!! We danced the night away, Georgiana and Levi loved the glowing necklaces. I think G thought they were a souvenir we brought home for her :)
 Before we headed to the wedding, I asked my aunt to snap a picture of Kelly and I. It's rare, like super rare that we are wearing non drooled on clothes, hair down, makeup on, you know looking like semi put together peeps, so we wanted a pic. Kelly took off his arm brace for the picture and we stood next together. Georgiana insisted that she had a better vision for the pic. She placed us like so. Not what we had in mind, but it ended up being our favorite pose, ha ha!
 Well, this one is probably our favorite :)

4 posts, feeling a little more caught up. Phew.
Good night blogworld.

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Ashleigh said...

Omigoodness! Timmy and Erin have been married for HOW long and I'm just NOW getting around to checking your blog and seeing this pic of me and the one and only Bridget!! thank you for taking the photo - such a celebrity sighting! But seriously, I need to work on my "Skinny Arm' for photos! Ack!! I'm off to do some push ups hahaha :)