06 November 2014

Enjoying Fall!

I forgot to press publish, and this post was lost in the drafts for nearly a month!
Just some phone pictures from earlier in October.
The kids were being silly and cute and said "take a picture and send it to daddy!"
Georgiana again said "take a picture, I'm hiding in toilets!" 
We were toilet shopping and I am very happy to announce that we once again have a downstairs bathroom!!
Kelly had some bike training to do in Anacortes, so we headed up mid-week to join him. He sent me a text to tell me that he and the other police officers were going to be practicing falling. I had two sleeping babies in the car, so I thought why not drive over and inconspicuously watch! Well, Kelly apparently forgot what inconspicuously meant and as soon as Georgiana woke up, he flagged us down and waved us over. Next thing I knew, the head instructor was bringing the kids and I up close to watch the action. I wanted to crawl away, but I couldn't escape. We were right smack dab in the middle of the class. People often confuse not having stage fright with wanting to be the center of attention. I did not enjoy the attention, Kelly knew it and found great humor in it all. :) The kids loved it, Georgiana is convinced that she was helping instruct the class, so all in all I will not complain any further. 
Yep, that's me being a supportive cheerleader wife. Lovely.
Poor Levi started not feeling well on our last day, he just crawled into Kelly's arms an fell fast asleep. He ended up having an ear infection, but thankfully it passed on it's own and he didn't have to have any antibiotics! Praise the Lord!
Another highlight of the trip was watching deer play at our hotel. The kids absolutely loved checking out the wildlife, it really is the simple things!
If you look closely, you can see Georgiana and Kelly waving from the beach. Levi had fallen asleep again, so I was hanging out in the car while Kelly and Georgiana explored. 
Kelly sent me this picture, her cuteness just knocks me over. Her adorable personality matches her cute little posture. Love my little dolly! Even when she is stubborn and refusing to sleep anywhere but right next to me. She is snoring right now, Kelly is working and she told me "I don't want you to be lonely momma." Seriously, how am I supposed to be strict and not melt over that...
Levi woke up!

Georgiana's pumpkin patch field trip!

"4 because I'm 4!"
Meet "Baby Ivan." Remember "My Buddy," like Kid Sister and My Buddy and me… Whatever happened to those dolls? I would have totally bought a My Buddy for Levi. Kelly is much more relaxed about Levi packing a doll around now that Ivan is dressed in his boy clothes. Oh, and Levi named him, ha ha!

While Kelly went hunting, we headed to the pumpkin patch with my Aunt Michelle and Grandma. 
The kids had a blast!

Levi was in awe of the huge truck, he was watching it's every move!
I'm off to bed, I am still hopeful that someday I will be all caught up on my blog. I said farewell (again) to Facebook today, so maybe those few extra minutes will free up time to blog, but we shall see… 

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