08 October 2014

Little Farm at Windwater

These pictures uploaded in an order all their own, but at least they made it to the blog!
Back in June, we celebrated Georgiana's 4th friend birthday party at the Little Farm at Windwater in Auburn, WA. We cannot say enough wonderful things about the owners (Farmer Bob and Farmer Linda), they were amazing and so easy to work with. The price was less than I would have ever guessed, and I am guessing that we will have a little cowboy party there somewhere in the future. 
We didn't have quite enough time to open gifts at the farm, so we continued the celebration at home. Yes, that would be a pink bb gun. Hence the pink ear protection in the previous post. It's locked in a safe and she takes the ownership of this "work tool" very seriously. I never thought I would think bb gun and adorable in the same sentence, but just look at her:
 As I mentioned, the pictures uploaded in a random way, but I am just happy to have them included in my online scrapbook. Here is Georgiana with her best ballet buddy, Keira. There was a playhouse that the kids loved to explore and hang out in. 
 My only regret was not taking a picture of all the kiddos, or at least trying! There were about 30 or so little ones running around and having a blast! When guests first arrived, there were carrots and bread and other food set out to feed all sorts of animals. They had everything from a giant hog to baby peacocks. 
 Here's Levi with a beautiful peacock.
 Georgiana with some of her buddies. It was such a beautiful day, we were so thankful for great weather!
 Lots of smiles :)
 Bubbles and games and lots of space to run and play!

 The Birthday Girl!!

 We served snacks and cupcakes. Watermelon cups, raisins, carrots and hummus, pirates booty, fish crackers and go gurts. I tried to think of snacks that the little ones would actually eat. Those all seemed to be a success! I used self sealing clear bags for the carrots and fish, I loved how crisp and cute they looked and how easy it was to just grab a snack and not reach into a germy chip bowl :)
 I ended up baking the cupcakes, only because every single grocery store was booked up days in advance and could not take an additional order! It was crazy, but I have forever learned that Georgiana's birthday weekend falls right around graduation season. FIVE times I heard "it's graduation weekend, we are booked!"
 The favors were bubbles with a thank you tag/ribbon and burlap sacks filled with saltwater taffy. Costco has a huge bag of taffy at a great price!
The bubbles came from Fred Meyer, I happened to get them on a buy one get one free deal, making them each only $.50. The burlap sacks came from Hobby Lobby in the wedding section, also 50% off and the ribbon and paper came from their too. I have learned that everything at Hobby Lobby is on a revolving 50% off schedule. I had to pay full price for the ribbon, I contemplated making a second trip out to get the ribbon on sale too, but then Kelly reminded me that that was a little silly. Gas, time, life, those are all factors to consider.

 My aunt Michelle and grandma came to help and I was SO thankful for the extra hands and eyes! 
 A lot of excitement!

 Holding bunnies swaddled up like babies. There was an entire room in the barn that looked almost like a bunny nursery. So sweet. 
 Levi, contemplating attacking the farm cat! 
Don't worry, no animals were harmed.
 Such a beautiful place for a party!
 The search for a birthday venue all began when Georgiana came up with the idea that she really wanted to ride a horse at her party. I looked into having ponies brought to her party, but that was almost triple what it cost to have her party at the farm. It was really a no brainer! I am so thankful that another mom shared this barn tip with me, I would have otherwise never known about it. They even do parties in the fall and winter, they have indoor seating in the heated barn, that's what I hear at least. 
 Each child got to take a pony ride, Georgiana grew quickly attached to Blue. 

 Precious little Levi in his green frog clothes.
 Farmer Bob and the birthday girl.

 Fun with friends!
 Two happy and very tired kiddos!
 The table scape. 
 Wonderful memories amidst a crazy time. 
Kelly was only a few weeks post surgery at the party and I was really coming down with laryngitis and bronchitis. June was a lot of highs and lows, I am just thankful we all felt well enough to really enjoy the party! 

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