14 December 2014

Georgiana's Ballet Recital

Georgiana danced in two ballet recitals this weekend, a lot of handwork goes into a minute and a half of pure cuteness!
And, speaking of cuteness. 
Here is the definition of cuteness overload!!!
My niece Hana and Georgiana :)

 And, the two cutie patooties above, walking hand in hand with my/our Grandma.
Lots of smiles these last two days. 
Even Levi was back to smiling this evening, Praise the Lord his fever was gone by 11am today, so he and Kelly got to go to this evening's show!

I helped backstage for her show, and it was chaotic and overwhelming. Honestly, I've been backstage on my share of shows, but the dance scene is a bit new to me. A lot of hairspray, false eyelashes and energy. Georgiana is soaking up every moment, and we are already looking forward to Hana's recital in the Spring. My heart bursts when I see these two hand in hand. Love them.

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M said...

Wow, she is just beautiful!
Love your little ballerina!

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Happy Holidays!