25 February 2015

Breaking the Ice

Well, I'm back from my longest (and very unintentional) blog break. No giant excuses, just life keeping me busy and feeling SO incredibly behind on my blog, that I didn't know where to start!?! As silly as it may sound, I really feel like I could benefit from a solo blog retreat. An uninterrupted time to just catch up on pictures and posts, I remember years ago hearing about scrapbooking weekends, so I don't think it's too cooky :) 
I have read on a few mass read blogs, that the blogging world has changed. It's obvious that people favor other methods of social media, but I miss the days of clicking on my blog and seeing 10 updated posts from my friends on the sidebar. But enough nostalgia I suppose…
So, what has the Smith family been up to?
We have simply been enjoying our suburban life. 
Kelly and I were recently talking about where we live and we both kind of laughed that it feels so much like home to us. Growing up, I don't remember ever thinking, I hope I live in the suburbs! But, somehow our little neck of the woods has really grown on us, and it is such a peaceful feeling to feel at home. Well, maybe not our house forever, but at least the area for the foreseeable future. I've come to really appreciate our proximity to our church, dance lessons, the library and of course Target. But, I also like listening to the narration of my kiddos while they look for cows and chickens on the way to Georgiana's school, maybe spotting a duck or flock of geese on the lake. 
So, those simple words broke the ice and Lord willing I will be back with more posts more often. 
One can hope :)

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