21 January 2016

TBT - Georgiana's 5th Birthday Party!

These two.
Oh my word, my heart just adores them. Cheesy or not, it's true.
 Georgiana's birthday was back in June, yes June 9th, but that's what Throwback Thursdays are for, right!?!
She chose to have her party at the Little Farm at Windwater (again).
Although the party planner in me didn't know how I felt about that at first, I honestly cannot say I blame her. It is the easiest, prettiest, most entertaining venue for both hosts and guests. I really cannot think of a negative thing about it. The only thing that surprised us this year was the heat. Holy cow, it was a hot one in June, like 90 something sticky and hot hot hot. 

 My Georgie girl loves to party plan. I remember planning her second birthday party, I had a Tutus and Tuxedos theme, it was all planned out in my head and ready to be executed when my then 1 year old announced she would be having a yellow party. Yellow and a dash of pink, for anyone who knew her at one, you can imagine how articulate and a matter of fact she was. A yellow party she had, I have a delightful art themed party in my head that I am quite certain will not be taking place later this year. She is already planning out her dolphin party. It seems horses have dropped to place number two and dolphins are taking the reigns. It would not surprise me if she was dreaming up swimming with dolphins, a little too much Dolphin Tale I think. 
 Ballet Pink, Gold and White. 
Yes, her choice, and no she is not the diva that my words are making her sound like. She just knows what she likes and she loves a party!
 I googled free S'more printable and found the cutest little tag printable that I printed out on polka dot paper. We used giant marshmallow and mini candy bars, shockingly the bars didn't get completely melted!
 Strawberry cupcakes, pink & white cookies, vanilla wafers and gumballs were the treats of choice. 
The strawberry cupcakes are a strawberry cake mix, 5 eggs, and milk instead of water. SO good.
The frosting was the buttercream frosting recipe from the blog The Girl Who Ate Everything, with pureed strawberries whipped right in. I put the spares in the refrigerator and they were gobbled up rather quickly. Again, SO good.

 Snacks time. And lots of hydration!!

 The sweaty family.

 I know, they are all too cute!!
Makenzie, Georgiana, Ashley. My cousins and Georgiana's BFFs.
 Another BFF, my niece Hana. 
 You know, just feeding a hog a carrot.
 Snuggling some bunnies.
 Did I mention it was hot that day, everyone has a beautiful sheen.
Look at Levi's little sweaty head, he sweats like a man child.
 The kiddos.
 Allie, Tristan & Tatum, I love everything about this picture and these three.
 She's ready for the red carpet, she's got her sorority stance down!
 Paper straws and burlap are not going to be old for me for a long time!
 A girl and her red boots.
 Grandma Grandma (the name Levi gave her) & Georgiana Lee.
I never noticed how much they look alike until this picture!
Love them.
 Back when horses were her absolute favorite, now they are her almost absolute favorite.
She said, "Well, horses are my favorite walking on land animals and dolphins are my favorite swimming ones." 
 That sweaty hat. I'm sorry I've said sweaty so many times, no other word.
 Levi and the triplets (my niece and nephew were born 23 hours before Georgiana, we call them the triplets) and an unflattering backside shot, but I adore these 4 tiny ones so much I still love this picture. I think this picture makes me miss my long hair a little bit...
 Ryder, Hana, Georgiana. 
 I'm pretty sure Levi thought this tractor was going to take off as soon as he hopped on!
 Reaching for the pedal.
Oh buddy, so stinkin' sweet.
 Two little Smiths out for a tractor drive.
I love party decorations and entertaining friends, seeing the smiles on my little ones faces and making memories. I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to celebrate them!!
I'm hoping for some backyard parties this year, more than 20 minutes to decorate the venue, speaking of sweating...


Jessica said...

Her party was on Genevieve's due date. Maybe I should have sucked it up and gone-- maybe the heat and walking would have forced her out sooner! J/K. Looked amazing. :)

christy said...

Amazing my friend! Can you plan my kids parties?! ;)

mackyton said...

This garden 3rd Birthday Party was truly outstanding. How lucky the birthday girl is to have such fun outdoor party. Well, thanks for the photos. I am also going to host such a party on my son’s 6th birthday at his favorite event space NYC. If you have some theme ideas then please share!