22 January 2016

Costco Secrets and a little Home Depot Shout Out

I am completely overanalyzing the title of this itty bitty post. 
I have two simple Costco tips to share.
I may very well be the last person on the planet to learn these, but just in case I wasn't, here you go!
**The asterisk**
If you see an asterisk in the upper right corner of a Costco price tag, this means that what you see is what you get, they will not be reordering this item. For example, if you would like to get a 12V Mercedes Coupe at the Puyallup Costco, you better act fast because the one sitting below this sign is the very last one.
Also, please not the .97. This means this item is marked down. That's right, the Santa Claus's of December 2015 paid a few more pretty pennies for the same toy. 
The .97 is not the only markdown number, I have scored on a few .00 items, the last of a toy here and there. Floor models are also discounted or should be, if you are not too bashful, ask for a discount on a floor model. A rabbit trail about Home Depot... Just about everything is negotiable, especially if it is the last one or absolutely if it is a floor model. It never hurts to ask. I ended up getting a marked down mailbox (that I planned to use for Georgiana's playhouse), for FREE. It was slightly awkward and NO I did not ask for it to be free, but I was legitimately going back and forth and the guy marking them down in the aisle ended up making me a $0.00 price tag. Kelly and the tiny Smiths are my witnesses. I don't anticipate that to happen again, ever, but be bold my friends and see what deals you can score.
And, on another note, look at this glider/rocking chair:
 I sat in it and tried to convince Levi to let me rock him in it.
He refused and asked me to get up and go get some monkey treats aka bananas.
 No, I do not have baby fever. I love babies, but my team is full. 
I still think this chair is a steal(ish) and would fit nicely in the master bedroom. 
$349.99, that is a good deal peeps.
But, maybe I should wait for the .97...
It's a gamble. 

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