26 January 2016

The Little Smiths

This is not a glamour shot of Levi's room. He was borrowing a pair of sister's sheets, which he thought was hilarious, and completely fighting me on his nap. He is definitely phasing out of naps, but there are some days when the whole family benefits from a well rested boy. This particular day, he was almost deliriously tired. The one arm over his head was a firm giveaway that "I'm not tired momma," was actually code for "I need some serious rest momma!"
About 15 minutes later...
 He insists on wearing pajamas at nap time and you guessed it, napping in mommy and daddy's bed. It's the guaranteed recipe for some solid sleep.
Now, if Georgiana accidentally squeezes in a nap, I have to plan on a late night. This girl has not needed a nap since she was 2 1/2 years old on the money and if she gets one, she will be up until midnight, or 10pm, which basically feels like midnight in our house. Thankfully on weekends, we can afford to have the schedule a little off and opt for some late night reading in her bed. She is still hooked on Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew! "One more chapter momma, you just have to!!"
 In addition to chapter books, she also grew up overnight and became a high school cheerleader.
 Well, not quite, but close.
She and her best friend (her words, and I love it) Grace, went to a cheer clinic this past weekend and had a blast! Grace's mom (Kari) and I stayed and watched and it was simply adorable. The high school girls did an outstanding job with the little ones.
 Oh, you know just finding a selfie on my phone, did they crack my passcode??
 One night off schedule, we can typically handle that.
But two nights equals two tiny ones giggling and crawling all over me at 10pm and then waking up at 6:00am. You say to yourself, 8 hours, that's great! No, not great when you are a wee one. That's a good 2 1/2-3 hours short of great. 
At least they are cute :)
 This is not exactly in theme with the title, but I am a big big fan of this piece. I find myself buying more produce just to fill it up, this picture was a few days after I stocked it up. Yet, I am drawing a blank at what else I could put in/on it?
 I was thinking maybe some plants in the Spring, or seasonal decor or...
If you are looking at it and have an idea, please comment below, all ideas welcome!
Speaking of houseplants. The kiddos herbs are doing great, we used the basil and Italian parsley in our dinner Sunday night. We only lost our cilantro and Georgiana proudly replaced it with a bean she started growing at school. This has me excited about gardening this year!! I should say trying to garden this year!!
 Levi's been working on his two thumbs up and Georgiana has been a LEGO machine. 
 Both are quite impressive if I do say so myself.
And, that smirk on Mr. Levi next to his Price Is Right engineer sister.
Love them.
Thanks blog, journal-ish-ing is healthy for my brain.

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