25 January 2016

Treasure Hunting

Yesterday, I asked if anyone wanted to join me on a Goodwill trip? 
I had the hankering for some good finds, Georgiana adamantly passed, she cannot handle the smells. I can relate, it's taken some conditioning. 
Levi was game, his sniffer isn't as picky and he already knows the routine of not touching anything, the germs freak momma out. But, he opted for a nap and I opted to join him. So, today was our day to venture out. Our first stop ended up being Target. We had to use the lavatory and I just trust Target's cleanliness over other options. Plus, we needed some dental floss.
Before I get to the deals, some things are just worth paying full price for. The item below is back in stock at Target (it is either $34.99 or $39.99), the picture I've included is not showing the piece at it's finest hour, but it is the piece I have been asked about the most over the almost year that I have had it. It's been a party favor holder, birthday doughnut tray, party napkins/forks/etc holder, and my everyday napkin/salt & pepper/mint holder. Needless to say, I love it and it never did make it to even the 30% off last year, if I was a gambling girl I would bet the same to be true this year. I saw a giant utensil caddy down the same aisle (next to the candles in my Target) that is calling my name...
Full disclosure: I am NOT anti-thrift store clothes shopping. I have some friends and family that kick butt at it, I however cannot handle the thumbing through, I can't get over the germs. I've heard some true nightmare stories and I just cannot take the plunge. I know the reward can be great, but I don't mind rifling through some clearance, typically clean and crisp clearance, it's where I feel comfortable bargain hunting for clothes.
Target sweaters $5.98 each.
I love the random knickknack deals I find at the Goodwill, but used Target sweaters starting at $5.99, this makes no sense to me. Yes, I see the $1.99, but still not for me. Not opposed to it, not too good for it, just not my expertise. That is why someone else will find a cashmere sweater for $1.99 and I will be wearing my cheap Target one, I'm okay with that.
 One of my finds from today, a copper craft 20" diameter homestead decorative plate.
I think I am going to paint it and add it to the stash of goodies for my sister and my big Spring sale! We are busy collecting finds and furniture (that we are refinishing) and when it gets closer I will be sure to post the details. 
We headed to a few antique stores and then Levi tapped out, I was done too. The van didn't get as filled up as I would have liked, but garage sale season is just around the corner, I wonder what Levi will think about that...
Last deal talk, Kelly is rethinking our new (Christmas) Aspen dishes from Crate & Barrel, the bowls seem too fragile to him, which I sort of agree with. These were dishes I stalked for sometime before pulling the trigger (because I wanted to order roughly a million so I could use them at birthday parties etc), so I am a bit annoyed with myself for not being thrilled to pieces over them. One of my criteria was that the dishes were oven safe, so I recognize that the ones I am about to refer to do not meet that criteria, but still the price, people this is a good deal!! Just wander over to the dollartree.com, not a typo, and look at the white dishes, I may have given these a try if I found them last month. White pearl ones or even the Bulk Royal Norfolk. Glass water goblets too, I have 12 at a different price point, these may be finding their way to my cabinet.

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