27 January 2016

Two Thumbs Up Cookies!

Levi and I decided it was a baking kind of day, a few years back my friend Christy gave me a recipe for cake mix cookies. Georgiana loves the lemon cake cookies and over Christmas instead of chocolate crinkles, I made double chocolate ones. The recipe is so easy, I really should have it memorized, but my brain didn't save it and I couldn't find the original recipe in my recipe box, so to the internet I went. I just used a (link HERE) Betty Crocker recipe. I chose to put powdered sugar on the cookies after baking them, not before. I also ended up baking most of mine at 350 degrees. At 375 the tops were getting a little brown, I am not sure if this is just a part of getting used to baking in a gas oven, or if this would be true for all ovens. 
I also don't remember having to use so much butter before, so I'm thinking I need to go back to the original recipe. (Update: Christy said this is the original recipe, I must have chosen to forget the butter, but that's why they are so good!)
Still, Levi gave this one two thumbs up!
 Wait a second, something is not right here.
Pretty close to two thumbs up.
 Okay, he's got it. This takes some serious concentration.
 Maybe if I just close my eyes and not focus on my thumbs this will be easier!
Super quick and easy recipe, quick enough to hold my baking buddy's attention.
 Some frosting for those who want a little extra sugar and because I already had it in my pantry. Word on the street is, this 80's child staple is hard to find. Even the container says "Back by popular demand!" I found it at Fred Meyer. 
 Levi's favorite part.
 I do enjoy fresh baked cookies on a cake plate. My favorite scentsy scent is sugar cookie, I can enjoy the fresh baked smell without the fresh baked mess (although, I will say this mess is minimal in comparison to the truly homemade varieties).
 Because, he melts me. 
This is a great recipe to use when you are baking with kiddos, Levi was totally impressed that sprinkles were hiding inside! 

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christy said...

It's the same recipe! I still use it all the time. Tell Georgie lemon is my favorite too. 😉