26 February 2016

Catching Up on the Blog via Phone Pics

Last weekend, Kelly and Levi took a nap together while I took Georgiana to dance. 
Levi's not normally a napper these days, but after he was accidentally bopped in the face with a swing, our little guy was tuckered out!
 He slept for 3 hours! He was a sweet little sweaty snuggler. Kelly didn't plan on spending his Saturday on the couch, but considering he kicked the ball that hit the swing that smacked our little guy, there was no way in the world he was going to set him down. And, not to sound dramatic, but we probably don't have many more opportunities to nap with this little guy. I mean, look at him, he's not so little. But those cheeks, he still has a pinch of baby face in him and I adore kissing those cheeks!
 Sunday, we celebrated Grandpa Bill's birthday in true Smith fashion.
 The kids knew exactly what they wanted to get Grandpa, a nerf gun of course! 
 They know their Grandpa well, because they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves!
 Kelly gives the kids instructions, and it is funny to hear them reference building search terms and other tactical sayings while we play hide and seek or other games (like a nerf fight). Sometimes when we are "hunting" a stuffed animal, they give me a direction and I have to ask what they mean? 
 "Mom, go in the prone position!"
 Continuing along with catching up on the blog, I am excited to announce that I am the temporary owner of an antique Oshkosh Steamer Trunk. I say temporary, because hopefully this beauty (especially once it is all cleaned up) will sell at the Enumclaw FARM & Frills Sale in May. 
My sister and I are SO excited, like if you knew just how excited you might giggle a little because we are so, yes, dare I say it again, excited. Ever since my sister, Tiffany, introduced me to the Country Chicks sale last Fall, we've been talking about having a booth. We love to hunt down treasures, help restore and rejuvenate lost pieces or ones that are headed to the dump. It's refreshing to jog the creative and business juices and we would be beyond delighted if you stopped by to say "hello" to us at the sale! Don't you worry, as it gets closer I'll be putting more reminders out on the world wide web. For now, just look at this beauty. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is a true statement because this bad boy has grown on me! I told Kelly that we need to get all these milk glass vases and vintage trinkets out of the house, and quick. The longer they sit here, the more my brain is convinced the most perfect spot for them is in our home! Just imagine the possibilities with this...
 Switching gears again, all part of catching up courtesy of the iPhone. 
Last Friday, we went to the State high school wrestling tournament. To be honest, I know pretty much nothing about wrestling. When I watch a basketball game, I can pretty much understand the calls, a soccer game, most definitely (grew up playing), the same with baseball, easy peasy. Wrestling however, I unintentionally ask ridiculously obvious questions. I was in awe that my friend Emily always knew who the referee was giving points to. Seriously Nicole, the wrestlers are wearing color coded sweatbands on their legs! Thankfully, Emily and all the other informed viewers, were extremely patient and gracious and avoided using words such as seriously, but still, how did I not pick up on that!?! Anyway, in all honesty I just didn't get wrestling...
Until you know the person!! I remember watching Zach at State last year, I was sitting visiting and people watching and then he was up and anything that would have weirded me out before was completely out the window. I was yelling so loud, that I had to remember my project from my abdomen cheerleader trick. Suddenly, it didn't matter where someone had to put their arm to get the other guy down, just get him down!! I still don't know the rules, but I have a taste of why in the world someone would want to do it. Not me personally, but figuratively, I get it. It is intense, unpredictable, challenging and can be pretty incredible to watch. It really is an honor to cheer on such amazing athletes. We were also able to cheer on a wrestler from our church, both of these guys demonstrated such sportsmanship and humility, it was encouraging watching how young men can be an example to others. I was watching the Bible verse, 1 Timothy 4:12 "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life (conduct), in love, in faith and in purity," be lived out in person. 
 Two little ones were also watching carefully. 
They too were learning what was being demonstrated in front of them. 
 Maybe not so much spiritually, but practically.
"Let's wrestle like Zach!"
 Pizza night at the Smith house.
Thank you Trader Joes, wandering the aisles gave me some meal inspiration this week!
 Levi was pumped!
 He was not so pumped about more "treasure hunting" aka thrifting. He politely says, "do you like this store? I don't, I don't like it here. Are there germies everywhere in here?" He says it very matter of factly, he hasn't really whined about our adventures, especially when he slips a tractor cake pan in the cart and a few other goodies, but it's not his first choice. Thankfully, shopping doesn't occupy too much time, and we are building character, right!?! I need to record Georgiana's reactions to our finds. She is not so even keeled with her opinions. She cannot handle smells or dust or much of what we find. We are yet to get the trunk open, she is absolutely convinced we will find a dead rat. I must admit when she suggested that, I did cringe inside. Yuck and possibly true. 
But, if you are willing to dig a little, you may just find a bunch of silver and silver plated goodies just waiting for a second chance!
 I polished and this little guy vacuumed the entire yard and got all the germs up! We refilled the bubbles several times. I didn't realize until he was finished, that the bubbles were actually a cleaning solution, he was determined to rid the yard of any germs!
 With a little elbow grease, the yard and the silver both sparkled.
 Come back sunshine, the Vitamin D was quite enjoyable. Especially with this cutie!
Another shout out to Trader Joe's. 
I made a riced cauliflower version of fried rice.
Delish and super easy. Now, if I can convince the kiddos it was delish, I will actually make it again.
 So, there we are. 
Now, I am off to bed because my sweet little guy was asleep before 7pm, which means my Saturday is going to start bright and early!