18 February 2016

deals of the day

Georgiana returned to school today just in time for Dental Day! She was so very happy to make it back, she said she even saw her favorite dental hygienist, Miss Jenny. A couple of yeas ago, Georgiana told Miss Jenny that when she grows up, she wants to be a mommy dentist. They've had a little bond ever since. Keeping in the spirit of dental day, Levi and I headed to Target to pick up the kids' fluoride refill. I forgot that the Target pharmacists take a late lunch, so we wandered the aisles a bit while we waited. We ran into some friends from church, a sweet young married couple that I called "cutie patooties!" Yep, they are a cute couple, but honestly this may be a cry out for more adult conversation because I just called these grown adults a kiddo nickname. Thankfully they were gracious and after bumping into them the second time and apologizing for my eloquent words, they assured me they hadn't even noticed and I was able to clear my head enough to find some clearance gems. The gems didn't come home with me, because I am not sure I have a spot for them. But, if you do, then run over to Target because they are deals worth running for. 
I've been seeing these geometric wire decor items pop up all over, but never at under $7.00 for the small and under $10.00 for the large!
 The only color on sale at my Target was the rose gold. Although I love the color, I wasn't sure I was ready to mix in another metal tone. I finally feel super comfortable with antique brass/yellow gold mixed with stainless steel/silver tones. Had I taken more time to think, these beauties may have found themselves in my master bathroom...
 These lamps. I love them. Marked right down to $24.98! I used self control on this one, I've been eyeing them for Kelly's office space, but seeing as though he's not much of an office guy, even at $24.98 I just really couldn't justify it. Aren't they pretty though? Oh, what if they were used outside of the box a bit for bedside tables...
See, if I let my mind go and I can talk myself into just about any good deal. Not always a good trait.
 I have to be careful, or I will end up with a houseful of bull heads.
 I saw this head pop up months ago on decorsteals.com, it was a screaming deal (compared to the comps I pulled up online). I originally purchased it to flip, but the longer it sat in my garage, the more I knew I had the most perfect spot for it!
 Kelly wondered why in the world I bought an idol!?! I was disgusted and said it was nothing like the golden calf in the Bible, it was a beautiful French country inspired bull. He came around enough to hang it up, but is still questioning my decision. So, needless to say, I'm trying not to be too impulsive with clearance finds while the head settles in. 
If you do not get the decor steals emails, you can sign up on www.decorsteals.com, I looked for a referral link but I didn't see anything I could post. It works like Zulily in that you get an email each morning with the deal of the day, some deals are super rare and sell out soon (each deal is only available for the one day) and some deals come around every week or so. When I was trying to hunt down these pendant lights I stumbled upon the site and have enjoyed the emails ever since. 
If you order these lights, just make sure you trim the chain and wire before installing, otherwise you get to do it twice. Seems obvious now, but I still thought I would share the tip, as we just got around to redoing the installation this past weekend. 
 Now they remind me earrings and I love them even more!
I'm off to read to my tiny ones, today's library picks were all about Easter, Whales and Sea Turtles. Georgiana and Levi are like little sponges, I just wish some of that retention would rub off on me! I've gone from pregnancy brain, to baby brain, to mommy brain, to "hi, I used to be able to have intelligent conversations, but now I'll just call you cutie patootie!" 

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