07 August 2009

Weekend at the Cabin (in no particulary order):

Last weekend was a blast! I seriously love hanging out with my family! And who knew you could surf behind a jet ski?!? I certainly didn't...
I could watch this little guy all day, I swear there isn't one thing he does that isn't adorable:
Here are a few photos from Taye's POV...He tends to take after Kelly and go with the paparazzi technique. Snap.Snap.Snap...
Another Taye Photo:
And another Taye photo...Not too shabby, maybe he uses the Kelly technique with the Tiffany talent!
This is how Kelly spent many a minute:
Ok Makenzie, no matter what you say, this is such a cute picture, you too Aunt Michelle, I love it:

The wind blown look after their adventurous ride!
Look how white my job has made me! Oh dear:
Bon Voyage...as blogger format has already given away, they made it back safely :) Unlike the entertaining images I have of my Mom out in the lake after she fell off the jet ski and took my sister/driver with her...
Oh, and if you squint or zoom, you can see me flying. I want to yell to myself "LET GO!" My shoulder has been a little sore all week, it just clicked why:
As evidenced above, the below only lasted for a hot second...thank you camera for taking pictures so fast:
Love them:
and him:
Off to get ready for my inside day job, and rethinking my new brilliant idea of wearing spf 50 on my face and neck all weekend. Hmm...


Robin said...

You crack me up Nicole! Just stand next to me and you'll always feel tan...even in November. =)

What lake is this? What a fun time!

nicole said...

Ha ha, thanks Robin :)
And, we were at Summit Lake in Olympia.

Allie Watson said...

Wow. Taye is looking so grown up! You and your family are so cute. I wish we were little again so I could go on trips with you lol

Linds said...

these are the happiest pictures of summer ever... i just love the spirit of your family. :)