07 September 2009

Hair Info:

For anyone looking to buy a new flat iron/hair straightner, I would check out Costco! Yes, one of my favorite stores came through for me once again. I am now the proud owner of a CHI Ceramic Flat Iron :) I had my ULTA coupon in my purse and was planning on making the $110.00 purchase when I found the exact same item at Costco for only $59.99. Just thought I would pass the info along to any fellow frizzy haired friends.

Also...as for the latest and greatest Shampoo/Conditioner finds, a helpful Verizon store employee offered up this info...
The Walmart "Salon" carries the above product, and although I do not find shopping in Walmart quite as therapeautic as Costco or Target, I braved it anyway and bought (2) 1litre bottles... 2 for $22.00!
I am laughing a bit as I type this, because I am in no way a hair expert. In fact I am currently sporting what I not so affectionately call my "Cleopatra Wig" haircut. Let's just say my bangs are a little too bluntly cut and for some reason it just moves all together whenever I turn my head. I am convinced that I look like I am wearing a wig. Kelly, who would never say anything super negative about my hair just says "it's not my favorite." Translation... "you should grow out your hair."
It reminds me of when I had my hair chin length, my lovely hairdresser didn't thin it out at all, and my ever so sweet friends and family called me Connie Chung (the news anchor who at the time had really big hair). Oh yes, good times!

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kelsy lange said...

Thanks, Nicole. My straightner died while we were in Seattle and I hadn't replaced it yet. Will check this out. Good tip!