19 January 2010

Parenting Prep

You know how when you are young it seems like Moms in general just have it all down... And Grandmas, well they are in a league of their own! I think some of the pregnancy symtoms are really designed to help the non-mom develop mom habits/skills/isms.
For Example:
Snacks, a mom seems to always have a snack or two hiding somewhere.
Well, pregnancy hunger has taught me to have my own little stash. Right now my purse is stocked with a piece of fruit leather, a small bag of pumpkin seeds, and a snickers bar (for when times are desperate)!
Cleaning up spills, sticky little hands, and dealing with stains.
Pregnancy has taught me that I am a very messy eater. It seems I never knew this because food must have ended up on the floor, not my ever growing belly! I frequently look down to see a sticky snack remnant or colorful splash from my meal displayed ever so artfully on my protruding tummy.
Thank you Tide Free and Clear, you have demonstrated a strength I never knew you had.
Being Flexible.
This has been a lesson for both Kelly and I. Being nauseaus (a lot) or having to pee (a lot) or getting hungry immediately and having to eat right now before we continue on with such and such plan (a lot), has been great practice for when Baby Girl dictates a much slower (or more random) pace than either of us are used to. Something, we are both pretty excited about.
Needless to say, we have much to learn, and much that can only be learned when she arrives... But, at least we can both feel that some of these symptoms are not without purpose!


Becky Diffner said...

This is so true! Everyone always told me that my lack of sleep during pregnancy would just give me a tiny glimpse of what the newborn stage would be like. Oh how true that was! I am so excited to see this beautiful baby girl! :) Hang in there!

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

i LOVED pumpkin seeds when I was pregnant with Jackson :) so cute!

Robin said...

I hear you, girl! God designed a perfect plan, didn't He? :) Can't wait to see you soon and catch up! you're the cutest!

christy said...

Totally agree. You will be a wonderful momma Nicole. :)

Stefanie said...

love it!! Can't wait for baby girl!

Allie Watson said...

Yep. You're on the right track ;) LOL You'll be wonderful!