21 February 2010

A little picture and rant...

Almost 2 yrs ago, Kelly bought me a dslr camera for my birthday. The only thing on my wish list was that I could snap a quick picture of Taye (or any small child) and have the picture "snap" before he turned his head. I was tired of having so many profile shots. Anyway... I have no complaints whatsoever about my camera, except that I don't know how to use it! I'm able to snap head on shots of small wiggly children, but that is about as far as I have got.
For example, I can't take a still shot worth beans. I absolutely love my cake dome (a Christmas gift from my grandparents) and wanted to share a picture of one of its many uses with the blog world. 30 snaps later and that gem of a picture above is all I ended up with. My self teaching methods are not working, so I think it is time I pursue taking some kind of beginners class. Otherwise poor baby girl will feel like the paparazzi are after her with as many trys as it will take me to get the perfect shot!
Something I do know how to use quite well are the pans used to bake (not fry!) the taco shells. They are another gift from my grandparents, found at World Market, they also carry them at a cute little kitchen store in Sumner, WA, I can't remember the name right now... Anyway, Kelly and I bake up shells frequently and have found that the cake dome works well to keep them fresh!
That's it for this little post. Hope you are having a wonderful evening, I'm off to get ready for bed, yes it is 8:11 pm, exciting times being a giant pregnant lady.
Oh, one more thing, any recommendations for a super super beginner photography class? Like one little step above turning on red eye reduction :)


Bridget Beth said...

not that I am a pro in any way, but I usually prop my camera up on top of something or hold it against the wall when I take a picture of something indoors or in low light so it isn't blurry.

Can't help with the profile shots, though! I have the same problem!

Our growing family said...

look into community classes...they always offer a beginner dig. camera class. Or look up Nikon/Canon websites, they should have something too!

anne said...

Okay, I didn't realize you had an SLR. Jeremy Leffel is hosting a class for a bunch of us (and I don't remember if I told you about it or not...sorry). Kara, Tiffany, Andy Nelson, Stacy Miller, possibly Christy...and maybe some spouses too. It's $50 a person for 2 hours with a pro. :) Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you the details.

If I've already told you about this, just ignore my repeated sharing of info. :)

ZCloyd said...

Like I said...bring it to work and i can teach u the basics during a lunch lol.

Random Thing: I looked for those old pants today...gone. So I pulled out my interview pants and they are in NO way "fitted", oversized with a belt actually. So im gonna have to run up to kohls or something on the way up tomorrow morning. c'est la vie.

e said...

i was also going to recommend jeremy... :)

nicoles said...
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Christie C. said...

What lens do you have for your camera?

I bought the 50mm/1.8f lens off of amazon for around $100 but I use it 95% of the time. It is super fast, shoots great in low lighting and is FANTASTIC for getting shots of little ones even when they aren't holding still all the time.

I'm still learning how to use mine too. I need to find the link, but there is an awesome "learn to be a better photographer" series a blogger is doing with 12 lessons. When I find it, I'll send it to you - it's been a great help!